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    At Australian Construction, we offer landscaping consultation & design. Also, we have a trained team. We guide you through all the essential steps. As a result, your garden grows tremendously! Our landscaping contractor in Cairns visits your property. We do this during the first consultation. The objective is to discuss your garden vision and ideas. 

    Your initial consultation involves:

    • Discussing your garden needs and ideas.
    • On ground site analysis
    • Expert advice on what is practical for your garden. It depends on climatic conditions and existing structures.
    • Creative ideas and options for your area
    • Access to our years of experience. We also have knowledge in landscape design.

    Our landscaping service is ideal if you want expert advice. In addition, our skilled team inspires you with creative ideas. The landscaping contractor in Cairns continuously checks all the details with you. 

    Furthermore, we have handled all areas of landscaping work. For this reason, we have vast knowledge. After your design and planning consultation, we plan your entire project. Given this, we present the essential working documents and plans.

    Our expert services

    Your custom patio

    Your patio presents the first area for outdoor entertaining and fun. We provide unique designs and materials. As a result, your yard and home look more attractive. In addition, it gives you a solid and secure area. Consequently, you can enjoy your outdoors for years.

    We expertly tailor your patio. Furthermore, we use various designs and options. We ensure they suit your needs. You can choose from brick pavers. The range includes coloured and natural stone. We also offer creative patterns, curves and borders. As a result, we form an exceptional outdoor area for your home. For this reason, you can trust us to improve your outdoor living with a stone patio.

    A lovely area for relaxing and entertaining!

    A patio is your living space extension. It is ideal for chairs and a table. Also, you can enhance your backyard. For this you can use an outdoor fireplace. You can also use custom seating walls. Outdoor kitchens and water features also have creative inlays. 

    In addition, so does outdoor fireplaces. For a natural look, install a natural stone patio. Australian Construction has various stone types you can choose from. Examples are limestone and bluestone

    Additionally, we have flagstone and slate. Natural stone creates the ideal patio for your home. Our landscaping contractor in Cairns installs the best patio for your home. The installers and designers are committed to giving you satisfaction. From the design stage to completion, we work on your finished project. As a result, you have the patio you have always dreamt of!

    Home Custom walkways

    Appearance and feel determines the attraction of a stylish walkway. We design and install a walkway expertly. So your walkway enhances your landscape and yard. The landscaping contractor in Cairns has new styles and colours. 

    Therefore, we make it simple to create a suitable walkway for your home’s design. We have custom or classic walkways. They create a wonderful atmosphere and feeling. Furthermore, it guides you safely through your landscape. 

    Australian Construction can improve your curb appeal. With this intention, we make a statement. We use creative patterns and inlays. In addition, we use pavers and borders. Our team also uses curves. We use landscape lighting as well. It makes your landscape come alive at night. Therefore, you feel secure and safe.


    At Australian Construction, we have qualified professionals. We use superior materials. In addition, our team is committed to customer satisfaction. We take time to understand your landscape requirements. For this reason, our team works with you from start to finish. Therefore, we refine your concepts into reality!

    Get in touch today for breathtaking landscapes!