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    The Australian Construction team creates lovely outdoor spaces. We do this using a blend of visual aesthetics and function. Besides, we use practicality also. Therefore, our landscaping contractor on the Central Coast gives you a splendid landscaped area.

    The size of your landscaping needs is not essential. For this reason, big or small, we create a landscaping solution. Moreover, we give you solutions for rural acreages. We also provide services for home and balcony gardens. Furthermore, we offer landscaping services for business premises and childcare centre playgrounds.

    Our expert team strikes a balance for your landscape project. We balance between functionality, style and the appearance you want. Because of this, we stick to the budget. For design and construction, we are your landscaping solution.

    Landscape design

    The first stage of your project is landscape design. Therefore, it starts with how you imagine your ideal yard. In this case, the best place to begin is your garden. Our expert Australian Construction team meets you. The reason is to discuss your needs. We then take photos and measurements to begin the design and quotation procedure.

    Given this, call us and tell us your ideas. We guarantee that we go the extra mile all the time. In this regard, we give you the landscape design you want. In addition, we surpass your expectations! The landscaping contractor on the Central Coast also provides an outdoor area design for your business property.

    The Australian Construction team consists of experienced and educated landscapers. In the light of this, they turn your vision into life. Moreover, they do this quickly and easily. We finish projects of all sizes as well.

    We work closely with you.

    After confirming your design consultation, it is wise to know what style you want for your landscape.  But, in case you are unsure, our expert team will help you. Our team has vast knowledge and fantastic landscape design ideas.

    Given this, they offer you some images for inspiration. In this case, we find ideal methods to establish your ideas into the landscaping design strategy.  You may be unsure of the perfect style for your property. In this case, do not hesitate to request us samples of our past work.

    The landscaping contractor on the Central Coast aims to meet your requirements. But, you can be assured that we will give you a helpful tip. As a result, it will enhance your landscaping design. 

    We determine the kinds of plants that suit your style. Also, we find out whether these plants match your soil type. Additionally, we establish the number of sunlight hours. For this reason, we ensure your yard looks lovely throughout the year. 

    Professional landscape design

    The landscaping contractor on the Central Coast has expert landscape designers. Because we respect your time, we arrive on time and work fast. It also allows us to complete the job on time. 

    Given this, call us and schedule a convenient time for you. We will then arrange everything else. We inspect your site and find out what ideas you have. After that, we embark on your landscaping plan. Our team then gives you the available options. You can then select the one that appeals to you most. 

    Our staff accepts all your suggestions and changes. Therefore, you are welcome to discuss it with us. We will then change the landscaping plan to suit your needs.


    We make the whole landscape installation procedure hassle-free. The reason is that we have a well-organised team. In addition, we have enough equipment. So, we work fast to complete installing your new landscape. Additionally, we offer regular maintenance service whenever required.

    Talk to us today to find out more about our outstanding landscaping services!