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    Australian Construction services Coffs Harbour. We create lovely garden areas. They are stylish and practical. Our garden designs link the natural to the built environment. Therefore, our landscaping contractor in Coffs Harbour provides a feeling of harmony and balance. As a result, we give new meaning to the phrase ‘classic with an edge!’

    We have years of experience as skilled tradesmen. For this reason, our team is prepared to change your outdoor area. You may need a simple retouch. Or perhaps you want a complete makeover and design. In this case, our skilled team would be happy to handle your project. We deliver commercial and residential jobs.

    At Australian Construction, we work with the best materials. We present outstanding work. Additionally, our team pays great attention to detail. The landscaping contractor in Coffs Harbour does not compromise on quality. 

    Because of this, we ensure all our projects meet client needs. Also, our work matches the design brief. We offer honest customer service. Also, we offer free and flexible estimates. Furthermore, they match the materials and scheduling.

    Garden design work

    Lovely outdoors give you peace and tranquility. Coupled with this, it’s an entertaining area. Here, you can enjoy textures and colours that match your home. These areas also suit your needs.

    These professionals create layout plans. They also set up plans for the planting of landscapes and gardens. Our landscaping contractor in Coffs Harbour creates excellent garden areas. Not only are they practical but stylish.  We have a skilled garden and landscaping designer. They are experts in the design process and art conceptualising

    Retaining walls

    The retaining wall is an essential feature of most Coffs Harbour landscapes. We mainly use them for supporting the soil quantity laterally. It gives our designers the chance to use and enhance existing landscapes. Given this, we create different level areas for use and dual purpose.

    We design our different products to meet Australian Standards. Given this, the landscaping contractor in Coffs Harbour first assesses the ideal location. Then we check the geometry and height. We also consider the structural needs. We take all these steps before turning even a handful of soil. After this, we carefully create our block or stone retaining walls. We also use brick or timber for the retaining walls. 


    The Australian Construction masonry and stonework is exceptional. Although it is among the most ancient trades, we have perfected it! We create a timeless garden feature with stairs and rock walls. Similarly, we use letterboxes. First, this adds value to your home and second, it provides a breathtaking statement. Third, it gives your yard an original look that is designed to last.

    Paving work

    Our company works with different sizes, textures and colours. For this reason, we can lay our tiles and pavers in different patterns. So, you can enjoy that ‘wow’ factor for your outdoor area! The landscaping contractor in Coffs Harbour handles different jobs. 

    For example, we work on garden paths and driveways. Our team works to any brief and budget. We use inexpensive recycled materials. Moreover, our team uses elegant marble and travertine. The landscaping contractor in Coffs Harbour also restores and repairs worn areas.


    First impressions are crucial. Therefore, ensure you call Australian Construction today. You will then discover the reason we offer ideal exterior landscaping solutions. We are professionals in improving your property’s façade. For this reason, we introduce elegant outdoor areas. They not only look lovely but also add tremendous value. So, your business gets the top edge it deserves! 

    We provide a creative, customised garden design. We consider your input from the beginning. As a result, we nurture and develop your vision.

    For the ideal landscapes in the Coffs Harbour, call us today!