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Enhance Your Lawn & Garden With Landscaping In Darwin

    There are many reasons why you should work with a professional when planning your property’s garden, instead of doing it alone. You might not have enough time to start the project or maintain it, or lack the necessary gardening skills.

    But, you still want to have delightful green surroundings. Whatever your reason, choosing a professional landscaping contractor in Darwin is very useful.

    An experienced contract landscaper has the required knowledge to work on the project for you. We have the necessary workforce and equipment to handle the job fast and without hassle. Our team also has the skills in almost every feature of your gardening or lawn needs.

    Hiring our experienced landscaping contractor in Darwin gives you these benefits:

    Provision of premium quality work

    From simple landscaping, clean-ups, garden rejuvenation to doing standard maintenance tasks like weeding, trimming, mowing and hedging, you have the assurance that our staff will deliver an impeccable job.

    In many instances, Australian Construction prefers having a person on-site, preferably the owner at every job, to supervise and facilitate work quality. From the instant you requested a free quote to the time the job is completed, we have a person present who works as your customer care specialist, ensuring that we deliver excellent customer service.

    Honest and Reliable

    Experienced contractors like us are strict about delivering on their promises, which gives you peace of mind. We have comprehensive insurance against public liability and are certified and OHS compliant. 

    Our landscaping contractor in Darwin belongs to the Independent Lawn Mowing Association of Australia. This organisation is recognised because it ensures that individual contractors like Australian Construction are safe and credible.

    Significant professional work experience

    When you check examples of our work it will prove our reliability. We are happy to give you references from past clients. Our landscaping contractor has years of experience and has an awareness of each factor of the gardening sector.

    Our team has intense knowledge about all the work a client’s gardening, and lawn mowing requires. We have worked with different customers from various agencies like schools, hotels, real estate and state agencies.

    Affordable superior service

    When you work with us you are in luck because we can customise everything depending on your budget. Experienced contractors like Australian Construction provide a personal working relationship, so you interact directly with us. We offer brilliant results at affordable rates because you do not pay for royalties.

    Services provided by expert landscaping contractors

    Screening plants

    You may wish to have some privacy from passers-by and neighbours. Or you want to partition a section of the garden to form an exceptional living area. If you are going to partition a section of the garden, an excellent way of doing this is using screening plants. The plants grow near a fence, patio or separately as a hedge.

    Australian Construction recommends screening plants as an effective method of creating privacy fast and making your garden greener. Many quick-growing screen plants are available, giving you many options for selecting suitable plants for your area.

    If you want a bushy plant that grows tall fast, offering shade and privacy or a plant that grows gradually along a trellis to cover a wall, many options are available like the following:

    Lilly Pilly

    Lilly Pilly is an Australian native that creates a great, fast-growing screening plant. Lilly Pilly is available in many varieties, for instance, acmena, syzgium and waterhousea types.

    These are evergreen plants that sustain their leaves in all seasons. When their roots shoot up, they present various striking colours like pink, orange and cream, making your garden stunning. Birds are attracted to these eye-catching plants!

    Clumping Bamboo

    Clumping bamboo comes in many varieties, and we highly recommend it as a screening plant. Bamboo grows fast, and you have a wide variety of clumping bamboo to select from, giving your yard many options.

    Some favourite choices are the ghost, gold and Chinese dwarf. Most bamboo varieties provide wonderful screening plants if you have narrow spaces. Clumping bamboo grows extraordinarily tall, sometimes up to 12 meters in height.


    Curbing presents an appealing finishing touch to landscaped areas. It is durable and robust, and the landscaping contractor in Darwin provides it in various styles and colours to suit all budgets and tastes.

    Suppose you want the garden bed to be separated from the lawn, or you want to give your driveway a complete look; in that case, our professional team gives you expertly laid curbing to complement your driveway’s appearance and add value to your property.

    We provide metal and concrete Curbing like;

    • Landscape edging
    • Garden edging
    • Lawn edging
    • Car parks
    • Playgrounds
    • Wheel stops

    Rocks & Mulch

    Pebbles and rocks add colour, texture and functionality to your landscape. They maintain moisture and help with drainage problems, making your landscape visually attractive.

    Our landscaping contractor mulches your garden using wood-chip or rick mulch to decrease the weeds, enrich soil quality and save water. The Australian Construction team helps you choose the ideal pebbles and mulch to suit your garden’s climate and needs.

    Advantages of adding mulch and rocks are:

    • Control weeds from growing.
    • Retain soil moisture.
    • Offers protection to plant roots
    • Drainage solutions
    • Increase visual attraction, colour and texture
    • Protect plant roots

    Turf & Irrigation

    You need the appropriate turf if you want to lay turf on your property. We have a turf specialist who helps you choose the correct grass to match your needs and gives suggestions on taking care of your newly laid lawn.

    Apart from the turf services, we install irrigation systems of all types and sizes and maintain them. When you install a superior quality irrigation system, you protect your outdoor investment.

    It also decreases water consumption outdoors, compared to standard watering methods. Australian Construction also helps you to design an effective water irrigation system that meets your needs.


    Our vast experience in Darwin’s landscaping sector has enabled Australian Construction to continue getting lovely projects and satisfied clients. Our reputation for delivering highly skilled services in all landscaping areas has earned us popularity for providing quality and excellent work.

    Get in touch with us today and give us a chance to make your garden or lawn breathtaking!