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    Our clients adore the simplicity of working with the Australian Construction team. We deliver at each stage of your project. Our team designs your outdoor space. They then build your new landscape. Furthermore, our landscaping contractor in Geelong constructs your swimming pool.

    We are popular because of our landscaping skills. Given this, we have unique and clever designs. Furthermore, our team provides quality artistry. We are proud to provide high-end finishes also. 

    The landscaping contractor in Geelong specialises in new builds. Moreover, we specialise in swimming pool designs. Additionally, we handle existing pool renovations. Our team also works on decks, paving and pergolas. Besides, we work on retaining walls, driveways and more.

    Our professional staff

    The Australian Construction team consists of in-house garden design professionals. We also have landscaping construction crews. Additionally, our team consists of a landscapes maintenance team. Given this, the team develops your idea. 

    Consequently, the outcome is a practical outdoor retreat. This area is also smart and inspiring. Improving your outdoor area transforms your lifestyle completely. Given this, your family and friend interact outside throughout the year.

    Specialist landscape design construction

    The landscaping contractor provides landscape design. We also provide construction services in Geelong. For this reason, we provide professional landscaping to our residential clients. We also offer these services to our commercial customers. In this regard, we offer our clients expert landscaping. 

    More importantly, we customise to your needs and budget. Our landscaping contractor in Geelong aims to give our clients an ideal outdoor area. Moreover, this area complements the surrounding. Coupled with this, it continues looking great for numerous years to come. 

    We provide different landscape construction services. For instance, we offer patios, pathways and driveways. We also service entertainment areas, new lawns, etc.

    Specialist commercial landscapers

    Does your business require a modernised landscaping plan? In that case, Australian Construction has the experience to create a durable design. More to this, we have the technical knowledge. For this reason, the design perfectly matches your brand. In turn, it appeals to your clients.

    We give our commercial customers a quick landscape construction procedure. Due to this, our team minimises any problems during construction. Low maintenance landscaping is crucial for a commercial design to succeed. 

    This concept applies to a large spread of green lawns and substantial retaining walls. It includes a clean, simple garden space in front of your structure also.

    Specialist domestic landscapers

    Your home’s curb appeal either increases or decreases your property’s value. For this reason, hiring a landscaper is a crucial matter for most homeowners. To set up the ideal landscape design requires vast experience. 

    The landscaping should not only complement your home but also meet all your needs. We have an onsite consultation to talk about your ideas. Following this, we create a lovely and breathtaking garden design for your home.

    Also, we give you an idea that matches your lifestyle. The landscaping contractor has the experience, knowledge, and skills. We give you the outdoor areas that improve your lifestyle. These outdoor spaces also match your budget.

    Timber deck builders

    Timber decking is popular among homeowners. First, this is because of their attractive look. Two, they can work as an outdoor entertaining area. It enhances your way of life. Our natural hardwood decks create a warm feeling. Therefore, it softens the link between your house and the external landscape. Consequently, it gives your family a lovely area, and you can use it throughout the year.


    The landscaping contractor in Geelong has the experience, knowledge and skills. Because of this, we give you great outdoor spaces. Your lifestyle improves as a result. We tailor our landscaping services according to your needs.

    So, do not hesitate to call us today for the best landscaping services in Geelong!