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    Australian Construction offers a unique landscaping service. We serve various residential properties. We also handle commercial properties. Our landscaping contractor in Gladstone has vast experience. Furthermore, our skilled landscapers set high standards every day.

    We offer services like garden maintenance and irrigation. Additionally, we provide synthetic and natural turf. Our services include irrigation as well. Australian Construction also undertakes hardscaping and landscaping. We shape your yard quickly and efficiently!

    Our quality services

    The Australian Construction staff consists of qualified landscaping professionals. They pay close attention to small details. For this reason, they ensure clients are satisfied with each job. Our team specialises in different landscaping fields. Therefore, they ensure your property looks lovely and is functional.

    Our landscapers are honest. They are also hard working and honest. Moreover, they work hard and are insured. So, it ensures your protection. Our landscapers have full public liability insurance. Therefore, people who are near our worksites remain safe. Similarly, we are compliant with good and affordable services. 

    Designing & installing your garden

    Your garden presents your sanctuary. We can help you enhance your luxury! The landscaping contractor in Gladstone works in all areas of landscape design and construction. We provide these services for domestic and commercial settings. 

    We offer the following services:

    • Designing and building paths for looks and traffic.
    • Designing and creating garden beds. 
    • Existing structures’ extensions
    • New retaining walls as well as existing walls extensions
    • We identify, choose and plant suitable trees. Also, we produce the correct shrubs and ground cover and trees for your yard.


    ​We assist you in visualising your garden. To achieve this, we use a complete design service. It integrates the main factors of your existing yard. Also, it involves how your garden will look and feel after a makeover.

    ​We handle all sized jobs

    Our company is experienced in all sizes and shapes of yard management. The landscaping contractor in Gladstone optimises a home courtyard or townhouse. Additionally, we install and extend commercial landscapes.

    Historic, classic or modern landscapes

    Your yard needs to match your garden, building or home. We design various themes. Also, we incorporate sections of one theme with another. Therefore, we give you a unique feeling

    Removal & planting

    Usually, tree removal is the last resort. However, at times it is essential. The reason is it avoids more destruction to your landscape. Trees that need removal are sick trees. It also applies to trees that uproot concrete sidewalks. Additionally, you should remove trees that have experienced severe storm damage. 

    You also need to remove trees that are close to structures like power lines. These structures are dangerous or important. We remove your trees safely. If you have trees that cause issues on your property, we can help. Furthermore, we also plant new trees. 

    Garden cleanup

    Australian Construction offers a garden cleanup service. It is ideal for spring or autumn clean-ups. It involves the procedure of removing all branches, leaves and other debris. This waste accumulates during the summer season

    It is an essential step for the health of your landscaping. Given this, we remove these materials as they store fungal material. For instance, they harbor spores that are dangerous to the health of your landscaping plants.

    Landscape maintenance

    It would be best if you had an outdoor environment that reflects your personality. At Australian Construction we have landscape maintenance services. Our team provides strength, commitment and professionalism to our clients. We offer our services to residential estates and commercial properties. 


    Our landscaping services ensure your grounds make an excellent first impression. Because of this, we have a reputable name in Gladstone. We are proud to provide landscaping projects that help many people. 

    Get in touch with us today for fabulous outdoors you can enjoy!