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    At Australian Construction, we offer the ideal landscaping. We serve commercial clients. We also work for civil and residential clients. Our team is experienced and has local knowledge. Also, we use superior quality machinery. Therefore, we can handle any project. Our landscaping contractor in Hervey Bay is committed to meeting each client’s needs.

    Whether it’s a significant or small landscaping job, we deliver. Additionally, our skilled team has all the essential tools. For this reason, we can handle your landscaping projects easily. We service businesses and homes all over Hervey Bay. Because of this, we are proud to present remarkable outcomes for all our clients. 

    Our company undertakes soil preparation and turfing. In addition, we handle soil preparation and retaining walls. You may want to make your landscape functional. Or perhaps you want to make it aesthetically pleasing. 

    Maybe you want to make the landscape resistant to the elements. Notwithstanding, you need expert advice. Apart from this, it would be best if you had the ideal equipment available. Given this, Australian Construction offers attention to detail. Also, we provide personalised services.

    Landscape design 

    Our expert team consists of architects and designers. We believe that landscape designs should complement the house’s architecture. In addition, it should create your home’s most utilised spaces. During our landscape design projects, we prioritise quality materials. We also value clean lines. Our team uses creative solid planting schemes.

    Garden maintenance

    Hiring our garden maintenance team enables you to enjoy our popular personal service. We offer proven capabilities due to years of experience. Our team endeavours to comprehend your garden needs. We also determine your work scope and expectations. We create a customised maintenance program. It has a positive impact on your garden over time. It enables you to realise your long-term objectives.

    Our services

    Presently, we service real estate agents. We service strata companies also. Moreover, the landscaping contractor in Hervey Bay serves numerous schools. We offer the following services: 

    • Weeding
    • Mulching
    • Irrigation
    • Planting
    • Edging & lawn mowing
    • Frequent maintenance visits
    • Site clearing
    • One-off garden cleanups
    • Disease and pet treatment

    Manufactured & natural stone steps

    Manufactured and natural stone steps are durable. Also, they add style and beauty to your home. They make your home more valuable.  Use natural stone to capture nature’s essence. Or make a statement using manufactured stone steps. The stone may be unique or traditional. Whatever the case, the stone steps are eye-catching. So, they form an important area for your landscape.

    Wonderful home improvement

    You can improve your curb appeal with an enhanced stoop. Or, you can change that slope into an attractive set of steps. Therefore, you can walk in style down your patio steps! Australian Construction creates an appearance that suits you. It also matches your landscaping requirements.

    Create a breathtaking entrance

    Do you want a powerful front entrance? Manufactured steps and natural stone are durable. Coupled with this, they impact your home’s overall look. Our landscaping contractor in Hervey Bay helps you to create that immediate curb appeal. Therefore, you stand out from the entire neighbourhood! We help you envision your outdoor area. We then install it to make it a reality!


    The size of your property or yard does not matter. Whether it’s large or small, you can have more fun outdoors. Australian Construction thoughtfully plans your landscaping. We give you a pleasurable and practical living area. If you want expert landscaping or hardscaping ideas, design and plans, call us today!

    We will be happy to turn your landscape into a breathtaking feature you will enjoy for years!