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    Australian Construction is a leading landscaping company in Hobart. We are happy to provide professional expertise. Additionally, we offer suggestions and services for all your landscaping requirements. Our landscaping contractor in Hobart offers comprehensive services. 

    Moreover, we provide hard and soft landscaping services. Our range of services includes retaining walls, pergolas and lawns. Furthermore, we offer hedge sculpting and lawn maintenance. Given this, our expert team turns your visions and ideas into reality. For this reason, we are glad to work with you to create the ideal garden features. 

    Because of our vast experience, we present creative and unique ideas. Therefore, it helps you in building your dream garden. Our landscaping architects work hard. As a result, they give you a unique and inspiring outcome.

    Patios, paving & tiling

    Garden paving involves a lot more.

    Breathtaking landscaping involves more than correctly mixing soil, plants and flowers. In fact, the ideal garden landscaping design requires the correct mixing of hardscapes. It especially applies when working with a pool or patio. The right options determine the success or failure of a project.

    The landscaping contractor in Hobart has skilled architects. In light of this, we check colour combinations and complimentary plant types. Additionally, we assess drainage solutions. We also go through customised options. These are for tiling and paving. Our expert team examines these factors for primary features like ponds and swimming pools. As a result, we create a truly integrated design! 

    Lawn services

    Australian Construction appreciates that gardens need care. That is to say, we provide a full range of lawn services. Maybe your garden lawn is neglected and needs some improvement, or perhaps you want someone to visit frequently and tidy your yard. Under those circumstances, our landscaping contractor in Hobart can help. 

    Furthermore, we have the tools, time and knowledge. To emphasise, we can manage your grass. Also, our expert team can overhaul everything and begin from scratch. At all times, we communicate with you. The reason is to find out your garden lawn needs. Of course, we are glad to give you our tips to keep your garden flourishing. Therefore, whatever your needs, we provide professional gardening services.

    Lawn installation & maintenance

    A garden lawn is a crucial element for a fully integrated home landscape. It provides an open space for children to play. In addition, it is used for parties and picnics. Indeed, it is a unique design element. The reason is it gives your garden space as well as a rich look and feel.

    Our team specialises in lawn services and installation. We supply and lay fresh turf for your lawns. So, your garden landscape soon looks vibrant. Again, our landscape architects can also give you suggestions. We advise you on the ideal way to preserve your new grass after installation.

    Perhaps your unkempt, old lawn has made you despair. You might be tired of wasting water while attempting to revive it. At Australian Construction, we are professionals. So, we rejuvenate old lawns. We do this by altering your irrigation and drainage systems.

    But, at times, we cannot salvage the lawn. Under such circumstances, we need to begin from scratch. In this case, we install new grass to make your garden look new and fresh.

    Expert lawn mowing

    If your lawn is not mowed and maintained regularly, the garden looks wild. The landscaping contractor in Hobart gives your garden utmost care. For this reason, your garden lawn withstands the elements. The garden also survives seasonal weather changes.


    At Australian Construction, we have the skills, experience and workforce. Due to this, we can handle any landscaping project. For instance, we service major commercial projects. Our landscaping contractor in Hobart is creative. Because of this, we use our local awareness of flora and fauna. In this manner, we ensure that all our work easily blends into the natural environment

    For the most beautiful landscapes in Hobart, do not hesitate to call our experts now!