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    Australian Construction is often believed to rank top in landscaping. We are successful because we offer quality all the time. Our landscaping contractor in Launceston provides quality. Notwithstanding your project’s nature, scale or form.

    Our team pays attention to the tiniest details. Additionally, we are committed to offering natural landscaping. Furthermore, we provide affordable premium landscaping. We have various unsurpassed landscaping services. It is our guarantee to you!

    The team at Australian Construction consists of construction experts. Furthermore, they have the appropriate certifications and authorisations. They also have the proper training. Because of this, you are at peace. The reason is you know that a professional is looking after your outdoor space. 

    Due to our years of experience, we have forged strong ties with our suppliers. As a result, we can access superior landscaping products. Also, we have quality-landscaping equipment. In addition, the products and equipment are affordable. We can follow your project’s budget. At the same time, we deliver the correct quality project. 

    Hence, the product withstands the tests of time for years.

    Professional landscaping

    Expert & affordable landscapers

    A perfect landscaping design completes your property’s appearance. For your landscaping project to succeed, we invest in a comprehensive landscaping consultation. The landscaping contractor in Launceston takes this significant step. 

    For this reason, your vision turns into a living reality! Australian Construction tailors a solution to suit each public area or yard design. Given this, we give your outdoor space a unique beauty and appeal.

    Affordable landscaping design

    Meticulous landscape design is key to creating an oasis. You may have a small courtyard in an indoor space. Or perhaps you own more extensive landscape estates in the town. Under these circumstances, use our professionals.

    We help you plan a creative landscape design. We use our elegant landscaping designs for your landscaping architecture.  Our landscaping contractor in Launceston uses excellent artistry. Because of this, we make your dream come true!

    Affordable landscape construction

    Landscaping improves your property’s value. For this reason, our experts know how to establish lovely designs. These designs are also practical. Our certified experts work together with you. Consequently, create comprehensive and intricate designs. 

    If you want to refurbish an old design, Australian Construction is your solution. Therefore, we change your dull area into aesthetic beauty. Our expert team also plans a new perspective. We work with our customers. As a result of this, we deliver satisfactory landscaping services.

    The landscaping contractor in Launceston first talks to the client. After this, we start the construction procedure. We then assess the project’s scope and resources needed. Additionally, our team considers the price, landscaping materials and ideas. We also analyse the project’s feasibility.

    The Australian Construction’s project manager draws the plan for value engineering. It helps in completing the project successfully. Also, we do this on time and budget. Following successful landscaping estimates, we present them to our expert team. 

    Thereupon, our team ensures we procure superior quality landscaping materials and plants. Our project manager works jointly with our teams. Because of this, we ensure we install materials on time. Additionally, we do so using the highest level of artistry.


    The landscaping contractor in Launceston provides superior landscaping services. Moreover, our professionals are well trained. So, they work with all kinds of soil.  They know the landscaping plants that develop best in different soils.

    For instance, we are familiar with varying soils like sandy, saline, silt or loan. Also, we can highlight your garden and building features. In light of this, we use ideal landscaping practices. We have different landscaping facilities. Our range includes complete garden upgrades and one-off work.  

    The landscaping contractor in Launceston also handles regular garden improvements. These services extend to the more extensive Launceston area and nearby townships. A new and well maintained significantly complements the garden pool and patio. It also improves the alfresco space

    Call us today and enjoy the ideal landscapes in Launceston!