Innovative Designs At Affordable Rates, Landscaping Contractor In Mackay


    The Australian Construction landscaping services vary. We provide simple installation of a new garden. Furthermore, our team establishes a new garden. Also, we offer a total makeover and deck extensions. In addition, we lay new turf. Our landscaping contractor in Mackay consults the customer. We then work closely with them all through the whole procedure.

    Our competent team aims to meet your goals. We utilise locally grown trees and plants. It helps to ensure we offer the appropriate care to your outdoor space. Therefore, it remains lovely throughout the year. The Australian Construction team has horticulturists and landscapers. They are experienced and skilled. Given this, we provide each project with attention to detail and care.

    Benefits of landscaping

    Landscaping is the best solution for beautifying your backyard. However, this process does not just involve arranging flowers. Nor does it entail decorating your home’s exterior. It is a kind of science and art. Because of this, it improves your home’s exterior. Therefore, you experience a new level of amazing. It changes the feel of your property!

    Our landscaping contractor in Mackay appreciates that landscaping needs proper planning. Equally important, establishing a landscape raises your home value. Additionally, landscapes help people move quickly through your home. 

    Furthermore, it enhances your home’s energy efficiency.  The Australian Construction landscaping services are popular. The reason is that people want their homes to look stunning. For this reason, we can make it happen!

    Landscape construction

    Australian Construction provides all landscape construction aspects. For example, we handle site earthworks and the final site cleanup. Our committed team of landscapers has different skills. Consequently, it enables us to retain most construction procedure aspects in-house. The landscaping contractor in Mackay is skilled, and their expertise includes carpentry and concreting.

    Our team consists of stonemasons, plumbers and horticulturalists. Given this, Australian Construction offers an exceptional standard of superior artistry. We apply these qualities all through the project, from start to finish.


    We operate our fleet of machinery. Given this, our team completes the project on time. Also, they use top standards. We have our equipment and machinery.


    Australian Construction supplies and installs all kinds of landscape concreting. We provide coloured concrete, paths and exposed aggregate.  Furthermore, we offer shot-creating, concrete rendering and more.


    We have a passion for design and installation. The skilled team handles irrigation design and plans. After this, we install a superior system. Moreover, we customise it to suit your requirements. Our professional team understands environmental issues. We follow council regulations and deliver irrigation systems successfully.

    Soft scapes

    Our team of horticulturalists and landscapers install all your soft landscaping needs. We plant and fertilise to mulch and lay turf. The Australian Construction team offers all types of landscapes. For example, we offer site preparation, planting works, etc.


    The landscaping contractor in Mackay specialises in all landscape construction aspects. Also, hardscaping is our forte. We are proud of our quality work. In addition, we use construction methods that offer superior results. Because of our vast experience, we have completed projects like retaining walls. We have also handled block work and footbridges.


    Most of your projects need specially built timber items. We have a specialised timber crew. They have all the equipment and tools to deliver your carpentry needs.


    Our landscaping contractor in Mackay is highly experienced. So, we skilfully deliver your open space needs. We also provide your project landscape.  The skilled Australian Construction team sources, orders, and installs your final product. 

    You are guaranteed a quality outdoor area. Furthermore, we build it to your specifications. We offer various services to different clients. Our end goal is to give you quality projects. Similarly, they are on time and budget. 

    Again, our services exceed your expectations, so talk to us for all your landscaping needs!