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Get The Best Landscaping In Melbourne.

    Our landscaping contractor in Melbourne provides a variety of commercial and domestic landscape construction services in Melbourne. We guarantee to give you a superior job, delivered quickly and within the budget, each time. We have also forged strong relationships with reliable suppliers, enabling us to get excellent quality materials at a fair cost.

    Certified landscaping contractor in Melbourne

    Australian Construction is a registered building contractor for landscape construction, and our team has the expertise to complete any landscaping job to the specified requirements. We work under a registered builder according to the Building Act and the National Construction Code regulations. It includes building pergolas and decking.

    Commercial Landscapes and Unit Developments

    Using our qualified team and developed supplier network enables us to finalise landscape projects of all sizes. Our objective is to stick to the budget and deliver on time.  Whether you have a small domestic project or significant commercial development, our landscaping contractor in Melbourne is available to answer any questions you might have about your project. 

    Our expert services include: 

    Concrete Driveway

    Modern concrete changes the appearance of your patio, driveway or entertaining space, making it a beautiful, contemporary area. Our landscaping contractor in the Melbourne area expertly personalises your property using a level, coated concrete in various styles and colours.

    We offer coloured concrete installation. Our competent team spreads and smoothens concrete fast with terrific results. If you want to install a concrete driveway or form an outdoor area, discuss exposed aggregate or concrete today with our team. We install concrete for pathways, driveways, pool surrounds, landings and steps, patios, etc.

    Coloured Concrete

    The newest fashion in modern home design, that is, bright concrete can make your residence or business landscape have an extra sense of modern elegance. Australian Construction gives you various colours to choose from like reds, blacks, muted greys, blues, etc., to match your outdoor space or driveway and home’s design. Concrete is long-lasting, hard-wearing and attractive. It is a lovely alternative to tiles or wood.

    Concrete Driveways

    Our skilled team can fix concrete driveways forming a different driveway or replace your current one. A new concrete driveway alters the appearance of your entire property and is durable. The landscaping contractor we have in Melbourne also seals your driveway, facilitating more straightforward cleaning and maintaining its colour.

    Our creative and talented design team can set up a plan for your driveway, depending on your current landscape.

    Exposed Aggregate

    You may want something more captivating than sealed concrete; in that case, exposed aggregate is a beautiful alternative. Exposed aggregate is different from concrete because it accentuates the stone’s natural element. It has an exposed appearance and is available in a variety of styles and designs. Consult our landscape design team at Australian Construction now to get more details about aggregate installation.

    Landscape Constructions

    We provide custom-designed landscapes for your business or home. We are specialists in designing award-winning landscape constructions in Melbourne, forming areas that inspire and uplift. Our experts can create, landscape and maintain your garden to meet the needs of your style and the space available.

    We work across Melbourne, and our expert team has worked on big and small projects, using high-quality standards for all our projects. Call us today on 1800 155 881 and find out what difference our professional landscaping contractor can make for your lawn in Melbourne.

    We have years of experience, which guarantees that our landscapers will handle any challenge. Whether you want us to construct a deck, retain your garden’s wall or redesign everything from the beginning, we promise to surpass your expectations.

    All our landscapers have professional training and certifications in horticulture and landscaping. We understand gardens, making us aware of what it involves to set up something remarkable.

    Beautifully Landscaped areas

    We can form a remarkable outdoor garden area for your business or home and provide you with maintenance services years after this. From the beginning, we work with you, designing according to your specifications.  You can decide for yourself or seek experienced professional landscapers in Melbourne to get a garden you believe will look fabulous.

    Australian Construction considers your style, property’s present design and local area’s design to set up something exceptional for you. Like other areas of your residence, your garden is essential.

    It is the first feature you see when you return home and the area you use for resting on a warm summer day. Our professional landscape constructions ensure your garden design suits your needs.

    Our Services

    We have a wide variety of services catering for each landscaping, gardening and horticulture aspect. Also, we provide a garden maintenance service, sustaining the lovely appearance of your garden throughout the year. Australian Construction offers a variety of landscape constructions for landscaping, such as:

    • Pond installation
    • Garden stairs
    • Deck building
    • Water feature installation
    • Lawn laying
    • Comprehensive garden design and construction
    • Garden stairs

    Our team of experts will give you personalised gardening and landscaping services if you wish. Contact us today to discuss our landscaping design and garden maintenance services.

    Maintainable landscaping design and construction

    Our landscaping contractor’s garden designs focus on functionality and sustainability. Most of our designs combine environmentally friendly factors like solar systems, irrigation systems and rainwater catchment, etc.

    Also, we use a variety of Australian flora, which need low water. They are beautiful plants for the environment and are sure to flourish in the Australian climate. If you want a particular design for your garden, our horticulturalists will advise you.

    We are ready to assist you in planning a perfect garden with plants that complement each other. A sustainable garden saves time and money and is lovely for the environment.


    Australian Construction offers you professional local landscape constructions in Melbourne. Our business is based in Australia, and we hire the best landscapers in Melbourne.

    If you are looking for a way of refreshing your business or home’s garden, look no further than the landscaping contractor we work with in Melbourne.

    Our committed team works hard to offer you a fantastic service; they focus on reliability, transparency and honesty. We always work to schedule and promise that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our service.

    Contact us today on 1800 155 881 and allow us to elevate your garden from an urban jungle to botanical splendour!