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    If you require expert landscaping services in Melton, this is the right place! Australian Construction provides all the landscaping essentials. For example, our landscaping contractor in Melton provides construction, architecture and water features. Additionally, we offer front & backyard paving and retaining walls.

    Moreover, we offer outdoor paving, instant turf installation and a lot more. If your back or front yard needs a new and enhanced layout we can help. Moreover, if you want backyard maintenance our team is happy to assist.

    We have skilled landscapers. Therefore, they can handle different jobs. For example, we work on residential properties. Our team also provides large-scale construction. For us, no project is too difficult. In view of this we complete your project expertly.

    Our services

    Landscape design

    Design is an important aspect for any job. Specifically, it is crucial for new areas. It is also important for existing outdoor spaces. If you do not have the correct blueprint you will not get the desired look. Therefore, ensure you have the suitable plan for the areas you want renovated. A sketch is also vital for starting from scratch.

    Given that, you need a qualified landscaper like Australian Construction. We will help you build the exterior of your front yard or back yard. Also, the landscaping contractor in Melton suggests the most suitable designs for your project.

    Timber structures

    Our contractors build all kinds of structures. For instance, we construct retaining walls. We also build decks and pergolas. We have the experience to get the best materials. Due to this, it matches your area. In addition, it withstands the elements. It is important to install the right timber. So, you get attractive and high quality landscapes.  For one thing, they need less maintenance. It is because the landscaping contractor in Melton sources them correctly when starting to construct.

    It is dangerous to have a general approach to timber buildings. Because of this, all landscapes need different approaches to materials. The reason is properties are not the same. Some timber materials vary. So, Australian Construction gives your property the precise materials it requires. Our experienced team aims to give all our clients superior materials. Therefore, you have a supreme looking area. Call us to enquire about our timber structures. We will meet your requirements for repair or a full makeover.

    Garden maintenance

    Your area layout is equally important. But maintaining your garden is even more critical.  Not maintaining your backyard is hazardous. Comparatively, it is more expensive than standard backyard maintenance. In some instances, complete renovations might be carried out. It solves irregular and poor maintenance. 

    Our landscaping contractor in Melton is highly experienced in pruning and hedging. Also, we are experts in irrigation. We also have expertise in weed control and lawn mowing. Our team also undertakes pruning and hedging. We handle planting and soil quality also. 

    You may want to do maintenance work in your garden. However, you might lack the time or expertise for it. In that case, we can help you maintain your garden and ensure it looks its best. Our team is greatly skilled in pruning, weeding and hedging. Therefore, allow us to take the hassle from you.


    Do you want to construct a brand new outdoor paved space? Or do you want to rip out the existing paving and replace it? Paving makes or breaks your area. Paving stones are beautiful and strong. Also, they need low maintenance. In light of this, they give your outdoor area a unique atmosphere.

    For all your paths, driveway or pool surrounding needs we can deliver. The landscaping contractor in Melton gives you expert paving installation services. 


    Australian Construction continuously aims to give Melton residents landscaping services. For this reason, their outdoor space looks impeccable. Melton is a wonderful area. It is why we opt to work here. Consequently, our team finds it a pleasure to work with you!

    Talk to us now and we will give you the ideal landscaping solutions in Melton!