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Add A Professional Touch To Your Commercial Project In Newcastle.

    Nowadays, where presentation is concerned, your commercial site or business appeal is paramount.  At Australian Construction, we have worked and continue to work with big names. The reason is we maintain an optimal and continuous level of artistry, trust and quality with our commercial clients.

    We have a landscaping contractor in Newcastle who firmly believes that communication is vital. Our skilled team interacts with clients regularly for maximum efficiency, so you know where your cash is going.

    When project managing a commercial site, we make sure that we use the time wisely. Our team also maintains health and safety and adheres to all procedures and guidelines, offering an exceptionally professional service.

    A crucial step

    To achieve the perfect outcomes, getting the appropriate design is essential. Our team works to meet your specific requirements and taste. We promise that your backyard, garden or overall outdoor space will become a serene oasis for your enjoyment. We pay attention to every detail.

    Improving your property’s landscaping is a beautiful method of increasing your property’s value and creating outdoor areas for entertaining and relaxing.

    Whether you wish to concentrate on enhancing your curb appeal using a re-imagined front yard, setting up a backyard retreat with entertaining or dining spaces or both, you need to consider many features and options.

    Design Plan 

    A landscape design for an outdoor space is similar to a floor plan. A landscape design is the same as a floor plan because it uses scaled dimensions to form a site representation.

    Landscape plans consist of natural elements such as grass, trees, flowers and human-made features like sheds, fountains and lawn furniture. Landscape designs might also include lighting, irrigation and overlays.

    We have a landscaping contractor situated in Newcastle who mainly uses landscape designs for planning the layout for an outdoor space. It may be your home’s garden plan or a business or community area’s commercial plan. They are also useful as a reference when you require new repairs, installing features or are just planning a function outdoors.

    Australian Construction creates a landscape plan to assist you in deciding the choice of materials. This plan also provides us and the property owner better tools for price estimation. It helps make sure that our competent team can finish the project within budgetary constraints.

    Concreting Services in Newcastle

    We create a variety of extremely artistic designs and finishes. From patios, concrete driveways, concrete cleaning, resurfacing projects, we handle big or small projects.

    Concrete’s beneficial properties

    Strength and durability

    It is resistant to all types of weather and heavy foot traffic. It also resists abrasion and scratches caused by moving heavy appliances, furniture and equipment. It is also durable.


    When comparing with other materials, our professional team finds it easier to use concrete for your landscape projects when installing. It creates a sophisticated look at an affordable cost.


    It improves indoor and outdoor areas, and you can use it to make benches, fireplaces, counter tops and sinks. Similarly, we use it as a border and decorative elements like birdbaths, statues and fountains.


    It is used in various designs and applications and is available in different colours, size and surface treatment.

    Low Maintenance

    It is easy to clean a concrete surface and maintain it; wild plants and weeds do not grow here.

    Concrete applications

    Exposed Aggregate

    Australian Construction uses the exposed aggregate method to give you a concrete area that looks natural. We achieve this look by using concrete and different coloured stones in the concrete mix. The concrete’s top surface is washed off, and the coloured stones become visible. It gives you a natural and artistically pleasant finish that needs low maintenance.

    Textured Spray Finish

    Textured spray finishes are available in many colour options. We use high-pressure air spray to apply colour selections to the concrete, or in some cases, trowels it to the surface.

    This finish is extremely volatile, and you can use it to form an appealing modern finish to your residence patios, driveway and paths areas.

    Colour-Tinted Concrete

    This method is useful for adding colour with different oxides blended with bare grey concrete. It complements your landscape and gives it a distinctive look. This application is famous for use in patios, walkways, driveways and pool areas. Concreting is an essential and crucial element of landscape construction. When you use Australian Construction certified professional services, it will guarantee that you obtain ideal results.

    Decking Services

    You may want a practical hand surface, which is pleasing to the eye and complements the surrounding; decking might be the ideal outdoor surface you need. Decking is an attractive option for sloping sites; in many cases, it dramatically reduces the need to retain walls and at times eliminates this need.  A landscaping contractor also uses decking to cover up or go over the present new or old, tired concrete spaces in Newcastle.

    Decking Types

    Today, we use three main kinds of decking.


    Timber decking entails the softest and natural selection of decking materials. At Australian Construction, we use a wide range of timber such as softwood and hardwood. Timber offers a durable option if you maintain it well. Natural wood needs more maintenance; however, the outcome is worth it.

    Timber/Plastic Composite

    Timber/plastic composite is created using recycled plastic and timber byproducts. There are various types available on the market; but the more expensive the product, the better it is. These decks do not need much maintenance.

    However, they have some disadvantages. If they scratch, you cannot sand them back, and different levels of temperature make them contract and expand. Despite this, they are low-maintenance, and you do not need to oil them after installation.

    Cement-based Composite

    Usually, cement-based composite decking is a bit more costly compared to others. Although the materials do not offer you a natural appearance like other decking materials, they have significant benefits, making them very helpful in some situations and designs.

    You can use them in fire zones; they are low maintenance and hard-wearing. They offer your home a lovely modern or country appearance if you want to complement specific colour schemes in your home.


    If you wish to include decking to your landscaping requirements, ensure you get in touch with Australian Construction. We will offer you a consultation on the kind of decking that is suitable for your needs.

    Allow us to get rid of your concerns by also setting it up for you!