Professional And Affordable Landscaping Contractor Sunshine Coast


    Australian Construction offers different landscaping services. Furthermore, we provide excellent advice and customer care. Also, our landscaping contractor on the Sunshine Coast serves residential and commercial clients.

    We not only provide services on the Sunshine Coast but also nearby areas. Our landscaping services include construction landscaping and paving. In addition, we offer irrigation installation and water features. Moreover, we handle decking, pergolas and walls.

    Retaining walls

    Australian Construction builds functional retaining walls. Additionally, they are stylish and structural. Our team has the skills and expertise to design unique retaining walls. For this purpose, they stop the earth and soil from sloping downwards. Therefore, we prevent it from accessing any useable area.

    Usually, it happens in rough levels of land. It also affects garden beds. Furthermore, it is found in areas where a slope is likely to be used. Retaining walls are functional. More importantly, they form another level in a landscape. 

    As a result, the landscape becomes useable. Our landscaping contractor on the Sunshine Coast offers retaining wall solutions. That is to say, it brings an element of depth. Moreover, we build them using attractive materials.

    We use any blend of pine, stone and hardwoods. Also, we utilise brick, cladding or rendered brick. Because of this, it complements your landscape. Our expert team also installs the Versawall retaining block system. It describes an interlocking system. In this case, it facilitates quicker construction and remarkable durability.

    At Australian Construction we provide Versawall interlocking blocks. In addition, we offer them in different styles and colours to suit your requirements. Therefore, we create the ideal retaining wall for our clients.

    We construct a retaining wall from different kinds of materials. After this, we erect it. Our team does this to stop the nearby earth from shifting downwards. It prevents it from accessing a helpful area.

    Paving supply & installation

    Pavers present a robust flooring material. We mainly mould it from concrete. However, we have it in various materials like stone. They are available in multiple sizes and shapes. At times our expert team dyes the pavers with oxide. To this end, we achieve the desired colour.  After this, we lay the single paving units on the underlying surface. Consequently, we form a long lasting outdoor solution for all types of areas. 

    Real instant lawn

    The landscaping contractor on the Sunshine Coast supplies and installs instant turf. Given that, we provide different lawn varieties. They suit other areas, for instance, a prominent commercial place. Also, it matches your front yard.

    Before we expertly lay our instant law, we check your soil conditioning. Therefore, it gives your new lawn the ideal start. Some areas on the Sunshine Coast have clay-based soils. Given this, we work to increase the soil composition. 

    To achieve this, we lay a premium top layer. We do it before laying the turf. When laying turf, soil conditioning is a crucial step. For this reason, we meticulously condition the soil to make it suitable for the turf type.


    The landscaping contractor on the Sunshine Coast has excellent experience in the landscape sector. Our landscapers have vast knowledge and skills. We boast unique quality coupled with the best materials. Because of this, we deliver superior results each time. We have passionate landscapers.

    So, they listen to your requirements then provide the best solution. You may have installed a pool recently or renovated it. Or perhaps you are building a new home. In this case, our landscape solutions will enhance your outdoor area! We have our wide range of experience. Therefore, we deliver breathtaking backyard designs. It means we are full of creative concepts and expert suggestions.

    So, ensure you get suitable landscaping by dealing with professionals like Australian Construction!