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    Enjoy great outdoors in Toowoomba with an expert landscaping firm. At Australian Construction, we have experience. Not to mention, we have vast knowledge. Therefore, we can do the job! Also, our landscaping contractor in Toowoomba is committed and hardworking. 

    Furthermore, we are passionate professionals.  We are trained in many fields like landscaping. Besides, we are skilled in general maintenance and horticulture. As a result, our skilled team is proud to deliver quality work in your outdoor area.

    Because of this, we handle your garden with excellent attention to details. Australian Construction offers lawn mowing services. Besides, we handle landscaping work. In addition, we provide full mobile gardening and maintenance services. We visit your home or premises as frequently as you want. Consequently, we ensure a breathtaking garden throughout the year!


    The landscaping contractor in Toowoomba transforms and restores outdoor areas. Furthermore, we provide these services for residential and commercial gardens. We serve Toowoomba and the more extensive southeast area.

    Landscaping is a science.  It does not just involve bringing in a truck of dirt and plants. Hence, it entails understanding the land dynamics. Also, we need to know the different natural features of every unique area of your garden. Given this, we develop suitable plans for the area.

    Landscaping is an investment.

    Professional landscaping makes your business premises more valuable. Moreover, it ensures your outside area is attractive. Besides, your outdoors becomes harmonious and practical. The Australian Construction team listens to their clients’ needs. We endeavour to understand what you want for your outdoor area.

    It is a pleasure for us to work with you. Our landscaping contractor gives you unique outdoor suggestions for your consideration.   Again, all through the procedure, we give you ideal, affordable outcomes.

    We offer local knowledge and experience!

    We have a team of talented tradespeople and landscapers. In light of this, they possess the required skill and experience. The reason is they have worked with different landscaping solutions. Our landscaping contractor in Toowoomba is proud to use innovative landscaping methods. Because of this, you can benefit from your space and the Toowoomba climate.

    You have peace of mind knowing our team uses the ideal professional gardening and landscaping equipment. As a result, we start and finish the job with care and excellence.  We have earned the reputation of completing your project on time. In addition, we deliver to quality standards.

    No project is too small or big for us.

    You may want decorative features like water fountains. Or perhaps you wish to have a trellis or paving. Maybe you need to recreate landforms, garden beds and terrain shaping. Under such circumstances, we have cultivated the craft of lovely landscaping areas. More important, they match your personality and property.  Apart from this, the landscaping contractor in Toowoomba is experienced in commercial and residential settings.

    Commercial garden

    Allow us to handle your landscaping. Doing this gives you time to work on your business! An excellent first impression occurs before a client enters your business. Our team uses their artistry and awareness. In light of this, we landscape outdoor areas. We also set up gardens that are striking from all angles! We eliminate the worry and work according to your budget. Also, we install and create new commercial gardens. Given this, we rejuvenate tired gardens.


    Your garden might be a traditional one with clipped hedges. Or perhaps it’s a creative area with decorative steel piece or timber features. It may even have a sculpture to make it more interesting. No matter your requirements, the Australian Construction team can deliver.

    The Toowoomba climate is ideal for creating lovely gardens. With this intention, our landscaping contractor in Toowoomba helps you optimise your surroundings. In this manner, you can watch your garden flourish!

    Call us today for the best landscaping in Toowoomba!