Your Local Friendly And Reliable Wagga Wagga Landscaping Contractor


    Australian Construction provides expert grass cutting services. Also, our landscaping contractor in Wagga Wagga offers superb garden maintenance. Our team consists of enthusiastic garden and lawn maintenance experts.

    Furthermore, we have years of experience. We assist customers all over the country. For this reason, we have local operators in all areas we serve. An example is Wagga Wagga. Our team has full training and insurance. So, you are at peace knowing that you and your family are safe. Your property is also safe. 

    The services we offer are top quality. Furthermore, we follow the industry’s best practices. Also, we offer the expertise and reliability our clients want. We implement these qualities in all their property and gardening maintenance needs. 

    With us, you know you are in safe hands when it comes to lawn mowing. We also provide efficient property and gardening maintenance needs. From beginning to end, your property is in good hands.


    The landscaping contractor in Wagga Wagga provides full soft landscaping services. Our expert team handles the first client brief and garden design. Additionally, we offer detailed planning. We also source all materials and plants. Furthermore, we carry out expert installation and superior maintenance of all sites.

    To us, a well-designed garden means more than your property’s extension. It presents an artistic expression. Because of this, it should be aesthetically pleasing. It needs to be practical also and suit your lifestyle and needs. 

    Our skilled garden and landscape designers consult the clients. Then they guide the client through all the phases. The phases entail the concept, plant choices and the completed master plan.

    Our landscaping services

    • Renovating existing gardens
    • Planning new garden designs
    • Sourcing all materials, turfs and plants
    • Installing specialised irrigation systems
    • Garden clean-ups and removing waste plants
    • Planting hedges and shrubs. We also plant trees, flowers and other flora.

    The Australian Construction team has years of experience. Therefore, they are skilled in the garden maintenance and lawn care sector. For this reason, we know the precise plants that match your local environment. Consequently, we create a garden you and your family will adore!

    Lawn edging

    Lawn edging has an important role in your lawn appearance. You might have rich green lawns. Maybe they are also beautifully cut. However, the grass may be long and untidy. Perhaps it overhangs where it joins your paths, driveways or garden beds. Under these circumstances, it can negatively affect the appearance of the whole lawn.

    Most of us work hard to make our lawns look lovely. However, it never looks as great as your neighbour’s lawn! It does not have an immaculate finish and a wonderful looking sharp edge. 

    Benefits of lawn edging

    When you have manicured and perfectly straight lawn edges, it improves your lawn’s neatness. Coupled with this, it adds contrast and definition between your surfaces. Also, it gives your lawn a finishing touch that your neighbours will envy!

    Comparatively, your lawn may look lovely but not striking. However, we can change this. Using our training and experience, we provide a carefully cut mowing service. The landscaping contractor in Wagga Wagga also adds and installs garden bed edging.

    You may want a defined border near your lawn area. For this, we have various material options. For edging a garden or lawn, we use timber sleepers or bricks. We also use plastic or metal. 


    Whatever your choice, the Australian Construction staff supply and fit lawn edging. As a result, your lawn looks splendid. Also, you get the edge over other people in your neighbourhood! For ideal landscaping outcomes, work with professionals. We ensure flawless operational flow. We work fast and efficiently.

    For awesome landscaping in Wagga Wagga, call us now!