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Adelaide Lightning Protection

    Australian Construction is a supplier and manufacturer of surge protection, lightning protection and earthing products. Our services and products support a vast client base such as tier one principals in the resource, construction, utilities and infrastructure sectors. Our lightning protection contractor in Adelaide provides flat tape systems and active air terminal technology to comply with AS 1768 and the smooth weave system (UL listed).

    Services and products

    • Surge & Transient Protection products like a wide variety of surge filters and Bluetooth supported SPD’s.
    • A wide variety of earthing hardware such as earth rods (stainless steel and copper bonded), pits, earth enhancing compounds, clamps, bonds, conductors, earth bars, and meshes.
    • Australian Construction engineers’ team provides consultancy and design services for lightning protection, site audits and earthing system analysis.
    • The lightning protection contractor has a proven background of working with a different industry group to assess lightning protection and offers suggestions.

    For any project, the first crucial step is a lightning risk assessment since it considers many elements like:

    • Economic loss
    • Electrical services
    • Associated services
    • Lightning protection level
    • Dimensions of structure
    • Fire risk
    • Location of site
    • Lightning ground flash density

    Our team is committed to expert system audits, maintenance and inspection services. We offer these services:

    • Inspection and audit of the existing system
    • Inspection to check whether your facility has or needs a lightning protection system.
    • Analysis of the current lightning protection system.
    • Risk assessment to check whether your existing or new building needs lightning protection
    • Inspecting and testing your earth system

    Our consultancy services

    We offer specialised engineering consulting services in earthing, surge and transient protection and lightning protection. Our company provides design and engineering consultancies like processing plants, oil & gas, telecommunications, aviation, defence, mining, transport, renewable energy and power utilities.

    The lightning protection contractor has broad expertise and our team’s combined experience spans years, and we service customers all over Australia in some of the most lightning-susceptible areas.

    Typical services include:

    • We have direct strike protection whose designs comply with global standards.
    • We provide lightning strike models to establish risks to personnel and assets.
    • The lightning protection contractor presents specialised lightning risk learning for personnel protection on major work sites.
    • We feature lightning forensic learning and professional testimony services.
    • Our team undertakes assessment, surveys and audits, commission testing and troubleshooting.
    • The technicians carry out gap assessment and give recommendations for transient and surge protection for communication, power and signalling circuits and direct strike, grounding and earthing.
    • We carry out interpretation and modelling soil sensitivity measurements, including complex and multi-layer soil structures. 
    • The lightning protection contractor carries out earthing design and assessment for lightning protection and power systems.
    • Australian Construction offers earthing and grounding system analysis design to international and national standards such as personnel safety analysis (quantitative and deterministic risk-based) for specialised designs and power systems for lightning transients.

    We offer the following earthing services:

    • Earthing system measurements utilising existing injection test methods.
    • Calculation of fault current supply in power system networks.
    • Interference learning such as EMC analysis railways, pipelines, telecommunication and cables mitigation.
    • We use sophisticated CDEGS software for all computations, modelling and designs.
    • Polices, lightning seminars, safety and presentations education.
    • Tailored designs to match personal project needs.
    • Drawing and design reviews and drafting capabilities using AutoCAD software.

    The lightning protection contractor we have in Adelaide provides design optimisation to attain electrical protection for staff and equipment (EPR, touch and step voltages) to comply with international and national standards.

    Lightning protection design services

    Australian Construction completes tailored designs for your project.

    Tailored designs

    The lightning protection contractor works closely with their design service steam to produce tailored direct strike lightning protection, lightning protection systems and earthing systems.

    What we offer:

    • Tailored design for every project.
    • Comprehensive risk analysis according to the applicable standards.
    • Efficient, affordable and accurate design.
    • Compliance with NF C 17 -102 and other international standards.
    • PDF output like a 3D site view, generic specifications and bill of materials.

    Why system importance is important

    Systems inspections, audits and maintenance

    Australian Construction designs all our LPS (lightning protection systems) to capture the lightning, providing a safe, effective path to earth in case of a lightning event. We aim to establish a safe conductive path, avoiding damage to the equipment at your facility. We also include suitable surge protection. We implement various industry-leading techniques, equipment and technology for your facility’s lightning protection. Our expert team incorporates the following into our systems: 

    • Surge protectors
    • Earthing equipment
    • Lightning conductors
    • Power conditioners
    • Lightning protection systems for direct strike situations
    • Uninterrupted power supply equipment
    • Lightning protectors

    When you install our equipment and systems, you benefit from:

    • Enhanced safety for personnel
    • No facility service downtime
    • Reduced complaints from your clients.
    • A licensed system complying with all the suitable standards and regulations
    • A decrease in expensive repairs

    Our work is to ensure that your facility equipment continues operating during thunderstorms with a continuous, uninterrupted power supply. But, if you do not maintain your system, all this goes to waste. Australian Construction provides a full preventative maintenance system of all the above, beginning with a yearly inspection of your system.

    After the inspection, we issue a report that details any problems that need to be addressed to enable us to certify the system. If our team does not notice any issues, we will certify and include them in our report. Unlike most of our competitors who give you one sheet with tick boxes, we provide a comprehensive report! When you use our lightning protection contractor to inspect your system, it assures you of an extremely efficient summary of your system’s condition.


    Remember that all Australian Construction avails all the above with a comprehensive, superior quality report giving details of any issues your system might be experiencing. It includes test outcomes of the system continuity, earth system, etc. It is also inclusive of a duplicate of the preset calibration certificate of all the test equipment we used.

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