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Brisbane Lightning Protection

Brisbane Lightning Protection

    Australian Construction has immense experience and knowledge in supplying and installing surge protection and lightning protection systems for industrial, commercial, electrical, rail and telecommunications projects. The lightning protection contractor in Brisbane designs and installs operational lightning protection systems for industrial buildings, commercial buildings and all types of infrastructure.

    For total peace of mind and safety, we install superior products ensuring quality and compliant installation each tie, despite how demanding your project is.

    Maintenance and service

    Our regular inspections of surge protection and lightning protection systems in Brisbane are essential to ensure their functionality and ability to absorb the energy produced by these occurrences. To provide sufficient protection, the Australian Construction systems should have enough low resistance path to earth.

    When these components have exposure to harsh weather it leads to damage and degradation and they are unable to protect all or some of your installation. Our skilled team conducts yearly checks to make sure that the lightning protection components are in great condition and have enough bond to earth, giving people and buildings the necessary protection. 

    We inspect the surge protection systems to ensure that surges impacts have not destroyed their capability of absorbing excess electrical energy. The lightning protection contractor performs routine surge protection inspections as an additional service or we include yearly switchboard maintenance.


    Lightning protection is important to assure personal safety and avoid services being affected. We promise maximum security against lightning strikes at airports. It is paramount to ensure that airports have protection against external elements to ensure they operate efficiently. Australian Construction analyses the components that enhance airports safety. The lightning contractor analyses the building’s characteristics where flammable materials are kept and also the ones that have sensitive equipment that is necessary for the operations of airlines.

    Our company observes the Health and Safety at Work Act and comply with safety rules and standards. It ensures that when an incident causes damage we have it covered for the facilities with big surface areas.

    Protection is necessary for:

    • Large, open surface areas.
    • Highly sensitive equipment where strikes can lead to a severe loss of service.
    • Businesses that utilise and keep highly flammable materials.
    • Protecting workers or people according to the Health and Safety at Work Act.
    • Having lightning protection might be a necessary condition for insurance firms to cover the expenses of an incident or it might decrease the policy’s cost.

    Electricity firms

    Their buildings experience a significant number of lightning strikes. Minimising their impacts is the solution to maintaining the service. We need electricity for our daily life. Our priority is to prevent lightning from disrupting your electricity supply. Electricity firms install metal structures in isolated spaces where lightning is regular. A lightning strike can lead to serious power loss. To decrease the impacts of lightning and sustain the power supply, we supply these structures with storm alarms and protection systems. 

    They require protection because:

    • Metal structures are situated in isolated spaces and structures that go through many lightning strikes.
    • Severe power loss.

    Petroleum and gas companies

    Because of their metal structures, they are more prone to lightning strikes. A lightning strike is dangerous for the general public. The Australian Construction team prevents the impacts of lightning strikes in a sector where errors can be costly. Oil and gas firms need optimal protection levels to avoid incidents. Our key objective is to guarantee personal safety and protecting the surrounding. Australian Construction protects businesses that use highly inflammable materials to avoid incidents that can trigger serious repercussions like contamination.

    The metal structures that support petroleum and gas facilities raise the possibility of attracting lightning. It is an extra risk for equipment that gives the general public services.

    Their protection is essential because:

    • Big surface buildings and areas that are mainly metal structures raising their possibility of lightning striking them.
    • Production issues if the machines, equipment, etc. have suffered lightning damage or its impacts, for instance, voltage surges and may lead to loss of service. 
    • Businesses that store and process highly flammable materials may have serious consequences for the surroundings (environmental damage, pollution, etc.)
    • Protecting people and workers according to the Health and Safety at Work Act.
    • It is a regulatory requirement that insurance companies may demand.

    Hotel complexes

    These buildings need preparation for the likely impacts of lightning strikes and to protect the occupants. Australian Construction ensures protection in hotels to facilitate the security of all staff and visitors and the services’ normal operation. Hotels constitute many sensitive machinery and equipment that lightning or the resultant voltage surges cause. 

    For instance, air conditioning, fire alarms and switchboards. In addition, the risk of panic in case of an incident is higher in this kind of building. So, the lightning protection contractor operates with suitable safety systems for hotels to maintain order during a storm.

    Their protection is essential because:

    • There is a significant number of people and if an incident occurs the risk of panic is high.
    • The structures are huge.
    • There are open spaces.
    • They have sensitive equipment like fire protection equipment and telephone switchboards, machines, air conditioning, etc, which may suffer damage by lightning or its effects like voltage surges causing loss of service.

    Photovoltaic power plants

    They need protection as they are prone to lightning strikes that can destroy their systems and affect their power supply. We consider the future of our customers and offer lightning protection to renewable energy industries. Our lightning protection contractor in Brisbane has created photovoltaic power plants protection projects around the globe. They are big surfaces with exposure to high levels of lightning strikes. Because they are situated in insolated spaces, they require specific types of protection. Loss of service impacts many customers and in this sector, we develop unique lightning protection systems to guarantee the photovoltaic power plants’ safety.


    The Australian construction lightning protection systems avoid damage to structures and buildings by diverting very high voltage lightning strikes to the ground safely. These systems decrease the danger of structural fires and protect valued electrical equipment in a building. Inspecting, testing and maintaining lightning protection systems is necessary. We use our specialised high voltage testing systems to check your lightning protection system for down conductor continuity, resistance to earth, etc. 

      Do not hesitate to call us for maximum protection of your premises against lightning.