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Darwin Lightning Protection

Darwin Lightning Protection

    Australian Construction ranks top in applying global engineered solutions that decrease risks linked to direct and indirect lightning strikes and reduce the hidden impacts of surge events. We continuously focus on unique new technology, enhancing solutions, improving product quality and refining customer service. Our lightning protection contractor in Darwin uses a comprehensive method to protect facilities. 

    We implement techniques to solve the world’s most complicated grounding, lightning and power quality issues. Our qualified team has the experience, knowledge and products to offer maximum protection solution.

    What we do

    • Australian Construction analyses issues to provide solutions, project oversight and continued safety.
    • We manufacture and develop technologically advanced products.
    • The lightning protection contractor is a trusted partner dedicated to protecting your organisation in Darwin. 
    • We offer full multi-phase solutions for clients and provide numerous personalised services tailored to their protection needs. We reduce the risk of downtime, lost revenue and reduced productivity.
    • We decrease the critical and interdependent critical infrastructures for a disaster-resistant enterprise.

    Industrial & Commercial

    Our Industrial and commercial solutions for grounding, surge suppression and lightning protection are available in various applications, such as the open areas of a golf course to sophisticated convention centres. However, despite the different challenges that affect each application, they all need to eliminate undesirable safety risks to clients, personnel and equipment.

    Our engineering department ensures that any grounding solution, surge suppression technology or lightning protection is created and implemented to its optimal capabilities.

    • Manufacturing plants
    • Entertainment facilities
    • Financial institutions/banks
    • Petrochemical/chemical
    • Office buildings
    • Retail centres
    • Paper mills/wood products
    • Clubhouses and golf courses

    Features of lightning protection systems

    The lightning protection systems we provide constitute various components created from highly conductive aluminium or copper alloys. The lightning protection system should last the period of the building it protects.  We only provide maintenance in case the protected building changes structurally. A lightning protection system consists of all the elements below, which work jointly to avoid lightning damage:

    • Ground terminations
    • Surge suppression
    • Electronic protection
    • Air terminals (lightning rods)
    • Bonding connections to the structure’s metallic bodies

    Modern buildings are particularly sensitive to the destruction that lightning can do on vulnerable electronic equipment. To facilitate maximum protection, we install our surge arrestors on electrical service panels. Arrestors present the initial defence line against the dangerous electrical surges that can access a building through power transmission lines

    Arrestors filter and dissipate the risky surges and avoid electrical fires, protecting against electrical transient voltage that can destroy a structure’s electrical system. For extra protection, our team installs transient voltage surge suppressors to protect particular electronic pieces of equipment. A professional lightning protection specialist from Australian Construction can recommend surge protection and customise a facility’s particular needs.

    Advantages of a commercial lightning protection system

    We design our lightning protection systems to protect your assets and business from the destruction lightning strikes cause. Each year in Australia, lightning damages thousands of businesses and buildings. Our commercial lightning protection does not essentially prevent lightning; however, they ensure that lightning is managed to avoid damage.

    Lightning strikes can lead to significant destruction to commercial structures and the equipment inside. The most prevalent risks linked to lightning strikes are harm to electronic equipment. Electrical equipment damage can greatly affect companies that depend on electronics to operate. The equipment needs replacement, incurring high costs and can also cause lengthy downtimes making the business stall’s operations.

    Commercial lightning protection is essential for any business. You need to understand the risks and problems to know how lightning and lightning protection works. Lightning describes an electrostatic discharge from one cloud to another, inside clouds and from cloud to surface.

    Issues arise when a lightning strike comes into direct contact with a structure; the resulting electricity from a lightning strike spreads all over the building, destroying fuses and possibly any electronic device you may have plugged in at that period.

    Our commercial lightning protection system can securely transfer a lightning strike’s electrical energy from the building and inside the surges where it discharges safely. A commercial lightning protection system’s work is not to prevent a lightning strike completely; it is impossible. Instead, the aim is to create a low resistance path for the lightning to move through without destroying the building. A building’s commercial lightning protection system includes grounding rods, conductor cables and lightning rods

    Lightning protection testing

    As mentioned earlier, the lightning force can damage many buildings and harm the occupants. These strikes pose a continuous threat to big and small buildings. Unless you take suitable safety measures like lightning protection installation for your institutional or commercial building, it will go on struggling against this strong force.

    As a building owner, you should ensure your building is future proof and build it using superior quality products to safeguard them against such unexpected happenings. To meet the challenges that electrical strikes present, it is important to hire a company like Australian Construction that specialises in conductor testing and installation.

    We carry out a safety practice wholly recognised in installing and maintaining earthing systems to decrease the likely destruction that lightning strikes cause. The lightning protection contractor uses these systems on big and small buildings; therefore, the lightning protection testing systems are essential.

    We install sophisticated systems that conduct the flash straight to the surface, making it safe. Please allow our experts to test the lightning conductor regularly to reduce risk. We carry out a well set up experimentation plan to give you peace of mind knowing that your establishment is protected. Our installers offer comprehensive designs and engineering layout to protect the building. Also, we offer earthling systems, ground resistance testing and conductor services.


    To avoid the devastating effects of lightning strikes, you need superior quality installers to stop building and human life damage.  Apart from this, it would be best if you had appropriate safety measures for your business to promote comfort and competitiveness. If a building lacks enough protection it is at risk from lightning. So, avoid great damages and expenses by hiring the services of a lightning protection contractor.

      Get in touch with us, and we guarantee you the optimal safety of your business premises.