Top Quality Lightning Protection On The Gold Coast

Gold Coast Lightning Protection

Gold Coast Lightning Protection

    At Australian Construction, we provide lightning protection systems that meet the existing requirements, and we install them correctly to offer optimal safety. Our lightning protection contractor in Gold Coast checks the existing components of the lightning protection system and completes installations that comply with Australian standards.

    We present a lightning protection inspection certificate that shows we have tested the lightning protection system rigorously to offer maximum safety for building exteriors. We issue inspection certificates 48 hours after we complete the inspection or after correcting the variances.

    Our lightning protection installers give you confidence that we have installed the system according to the applicable certified standards

    Our services

    We have different materials and equipment for lightning protection, surge protection, and earthing systems at Australian Construction

    We store these products in-store at our offices throughout Australia, and our distributors network all over the Gold Coast.

    Our wide variety of earthing equipment and lightning protection includes:

    • Active and conventional air terminals consisting of brackets, mountings, bases, fittings and guy wires suitable for any application.
    • Galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and other kinds of conductors in a bar, rod, tape, braided or cable.
    • Fittings and fixings such as clips, clamps, brackets, connectors and saddles for all conductors.
    • Earthing clamps and electrodes, connectors in galvanised steel, copper and stainless steel.
    • Concrete, metal and PVC earth pits featuring lockable lids and labels suitable for all load and applications ratings.
    • Earth enhancing compounds for complicated soil conditions.
    • Labels, junction enclosures, coax cable grounding tools, bonding discs, test links and earth bars. 

    Lightning protection systems for commercial building 

    The lightning protection system has numerous key components: conductor cable, lightning rods, ground rods and lightning arrestors. We are specialists in large construction projects. The lightning protection contractor offers design, testing, inspections, CAD submittals and surge protection surveys.

    Lightning rods help protect a building and all its occupants from a direct strike. A comprehensive lightning protection system like conductor cables, lightning rods, arrestors, and utility bonding prevents dangerous electrical surges and likely fires triggered when lightning enters a building through pipes and wire. It helps different types of roofing like metal roofs. For commercial buildings, the type of lightning protection plan is crucial.


    The lightning protection contractor is proud of the skilled and qualified installation staff with vast experience in major and minor scale projects throughout Gold Coast.

    Our fully trained staff:

    Is responsible for installing all types of earthing and lightning protection systems.

    • Work as a fully equipped mobile team from offices situated all over Australia’s major capital cities.
    • They have access to all the materials, latest plant, equipment, vehicles, and resources to work on all-sized projects such as a significant-scale construction site to an isolated mountain top.
    • Work with a full control and testing method that monitors our artistry quality and our work progress.
    • Work under an OH&S management structure that continuously maintains Australian Construction’s security record all over Australia.

    Testing and certification

    All our static earthing systems and lightning protection systems are fully inspected and tested by our qualified personnel with calibrated test equipment. Earthing grid testing and lightning protection testing should be done upon the installation’s completion and regularly after that. The law requires testing and certification to be done every two years.

    We have skilled technicians and engineers in all our offices across Australia who have access to the newest test and measurement equipment.

    Our trained personnel offer full services like:

    • Inspecting the system’s conductors, parts and joints.
    • Continuity testing of the entire system and conductors.
    • Earth resistance testing of separate electrodes and the entire system.
    • Soil analysis and resistivity testing for new earthing systems.
    • Detailed reports on the system’s condition under inspection or test with images and suggestions and prices on the tasks needed.
    • Updates to current drawings or creation of records of these documents for reference in the future.
    • Upgrades and maintenance works may be essential if we test and inspect then find any disintegration in the protection level or changes and additions have occurred to the structure, rendering the current systems ineffectual.

    Lightning and surge protection

    SPDs (surge protection devices) should be placed appropriately to prevent damage to equipment and electrical systems that lightning and over-voltage occurrences like grid switching trigger.

    The Furse and ABB variety of SPDs give solutions for all kinds of applications like:

    • Solar protection/PV Array
    • Main power protection
    • Signal and data line protection
    • Solar and PV array protection
    • RF and different specific system protection
    • Design and consultancy

    Australian Construction has vast experience in consulting and design services for lightning protection. 

    We offer consultancy and design services for your project, such as:

    • Project management services.
    • Protection level analysis and risk assessment to AS1768 regulations.
    • Designing coordinated lightning protection, HV earthing structures and surge protection.
    • Writing the project specification (structural and electrical).
    • Project management services.
    • Detailed design illustrations with complete system layouts and specifics, updated during construction and afterwards.
    • The lightning protection contractor’s systems comply strictly with the latest standards.

    Test and certification

    All the HV/LV electrical and lightning protection systems, communications, technical and static control earthing systems need full inspection and testing by skilled personnel, using calibrated testing equipment regularly. AS1768-2007 suggests LPS maintenance inspection and testing should be carried out every two years at a minimum.

    We have skilled technicians and engineers all over Australia with access to the newest measurement equipment.

    Our experienced personnel offer a comprehensive service that includes:

    • Inspecting all the joints, parts and conductors of the system.
    • Continuity testing of the conductors and the entire system.
    • Earth resistance testing on separate electrodes and the whole system.
    • Soil analysis and resistivity testing for new earthing systems.
    • HV electrical earthing systems, touch step & touch voltage testing.


    Earthing systems play an important role in protecting personnel, networks and assets. Australian Construction installs and designs earthing systems for a comprehensive variety of HV electrical, lightning protection, and static control applications. 

    Our experienced personnel help you pick the ideal solution to protect your sensitive electronic equipment against excessive voltages on data, power, communication and signal lines. 

      So call us today for your premises’ quality lightning protection.