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Newcastle Lightning Protection

Newcastle Lightning Protection

    Australian Construction designs your ground earthing and lightning protection solution according to your project. Factors like ground comparison, building location, usage and structure determine your requirements. These elements determine the necessary level of protection and whether it creates a basis for our design procedure. The lightning protection contractor in Newcastle uses the newest CAD design software to design customised solutions for our customers. 

    After this, we visit the site if it is necessary. Our committed team manages your needs from the tender procedure to pre-site then completion. You have peace of mind knowing that all the procedures stages have been covered.


    Our skilled team undertakes installs at different degrees of access and complexity. From the first site assessment, our engineers can assess needs and finalise the install fast, safely and effectively. The Newcastle lightning protection contractor assesses your project’s design stage. They analyse your project needs at the design stage, then install according to your time scales and formulate a design to turn away major scale electrical current that lightning flashes or strikes produce. 

    All our projects are different, and you are guaranteed that our comprehensively trained engineers adapt to unexpected complications if they come up.


    To ensure that your system protects you, your buildings and your equipment effectively, we suggest frequent testing and maintenance.  With time, a lightning protection system’s effectiveness can change and reduce due to soil and weather conditions changes. So, it becomes necessary to make improvements to make sure your system protects you and your business.


    We are skilled in designing, installing and maintaining earthing systems, providing operational sustainability and protecting people above all else. Our competent team has successfully worked on the following projects all over Australia: 

    • Water utility
    • Power 
    • Waste management

    We use sophisticated technology, the on-site team’s knowledge, and superior quality materials to supplement all designs. It ensures top standards and maintenance across a project.

    Surge protection testing and inspection

    Testing and inspecting surge protection systems is necessary to ensure they work effectively according to the applicable standards and the manufacturer’s guidance. Improperly maintained systems might not prevent transient overvoltages and lightning currents effectively, leading to electrocution, fires, and electrical equipment and systems failure.

    Australian Construction’s nationwide fleet of testing and inspection engineers are thoroughly competent in working on the detailed testing and inspection of all lightning protection systems like surge protection measures. We advise you to allow our competent staff to carry out regular inspections, ensuring that your protective systems work all the time. Our team presents reports of our findings, details and specifics of any necessary repairs to make the return systems serviceable. 


    Our clients benefit from our design and survey services and our experienced installation engineers whom we hire directly to work all over the nation. The lightning protection contractor in Newcastle has trained engineers who have the experience and knowledge to install your lightning protection system safely, competently and efficiently.

    Our engineers install various market sectors like renewable energies, utilities, transportation, infrastructure, retail, commercial, manufacturing, industrial, local authority and government.

    Earthing testing & inspection

    Testing and inspecting

    Testing and inspection of earth electrode systems are necessary to ensure they are still effective and safe. Inadequately maintained systems can lead to increased earth rise potential compared to those initially calculated, leading to step voltages and higher touch being present, possibly making the site insecure. 

    Most elements, like theft and corrosion, can impact the earth electrode system’s efficacy. We recommend measuring the buried earth electrode system’s general combined resistance to earth every five years.

    For ongoing maintenance, we recommend hiring us to inspect all the systems and individual electrodes visually each year. Our countrywide specialist maintenance, testing, and inspection engineers allow us to assess earth electrode systems, analyse their state and make suggestions for improvement to restore the systems to the required conditions.

    We offer inspection and testing services as below:

    • Condition assessments
    • Testing and inspection of connections and joints
    • A.C. impedance measurements
    • Step and touch voltage assessments
    • Non-intrusive electrode measurements
    • A.C. impedance measurements
    • Gap analysis and compliance of current systems

    The importance of lightning protection 

    Lightning ranks among the most destructive and powerful natural phenomenon, presenting a major risk to structures, life, electronic and operations systems. Direct lightning strikes to buildings can lead to physical damage, fire ignition, the danger of electrical shock and explosions. 

    Indirect lightning strikes trigger transient over-voltage, degrading and disrupting electronic services and systems. These triggered surges can travel up to two kilometres from where the actual strike took place.  The Australian Construction team has the expertise to provide comprehensive skilled design solutions for lightning protective steps that are reliable, effective and economical.

    Our objective is to offer industry-leading technical development levels, training and safety, and ensure we give our clients an ideal solution.

    We offer the following services:

    • Installations to existing and new structures.
    • Site appraisals and surveys.
    • System adaptations and alterations.
    • Surge protection measures
    • Soil resistivity analysis and surveys
    • Inspecting, testing and maintaining existing systems.
    • Consultancy, specialist advice and design services.

    Discreet protection steps to listed buildings and ancient monuments.

    Surge protection 

    Today there are drastic rises in the use of controls, electronic equipment and procedures in most industrial developments. They undergo constant stress, for instance, degradation from passing overvoltages that happen due to changing operations or the more severe lightning transient overvoltages. 

    In sectors where equipment and tools are more electrically based and industries are becoming more process-intensive and automated, in a lot of instances, these processes’ performance aspects cannot withstand the threat of physical destruction to essential electronic systems. Most electronics are using the power system more and more, and it is apparent that the need for lightning protection and switching transients’ services is increasing not just for essential services but for services like telecom, data, security and fire. Lightning protection services enable government, commercial and industrial projects to get suitable and effective surge protection steps.

    Our dedicated team provides technical support in designing and installing surge protection measures to safely, reliably, and significantly reduce the risk of damage, loss of life, and permanent electronic and electrical equipment failure.


    At Australian Construction, we test and inspect sites all over Australia. We work with big multinational companies with numerous sites all over the state. We have height safety professionals who provide a combined service, saving you expenses on repeat site visits. Our team uses the latest technology and give you feedback fast. 

      We are available to assess, and present reports and certificates fast, so do not hesitate to talk to us today.