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Ballarat Paving Contractor

Ballarat Paving Contractor

    Australian Construction incorporates pavements and stonework into your new garden. Therefore we create a lovely blend between your grass, garden and hard surfaces. Moreover, our paving services offer relief for grass patches that experience great foot traffic. As a result, your lawn grows to its maximum potential. For example, our paving contractor in Ballarat provides tiles or stepping-stones. 

    These products form a path from your backdoor to the pool. Alternatively, we create a path across your front lawn. Our competent team appreciates that choosing the right material is important. Because of this, the material matches your home’s aesthetic. At the same time, you get a stable surface. Therefore this surface does not experience root rot or absorb water. 

    Quality paving services

    Do you wish to change the appearance and vibe of your exteriors from the surface up? Pavers are a lovely flooring option for enhancing the superior curb functionality and appeal of your outdoor area. Australian Construction is proud to provide a huge collection of paving materials. Moreover, we offer full services. As a result, we create simple solutions for our clients.

    Enhancing your outdoors

    The paving contractor in Ballarat adds or installs paving around your property’s main structure. Because of this, your real estate space increases. Also, paving connects your outdoor features. Furthermore, Australian Construction uses paving to highlight specific features to add design or detail to your landscape. A paving project is beneficial to commercial and residential properties. In other words, paving improves your landscape function and value. 

    Our competent team carries out paving projects to create a different area. In addition, our paving contractor in Ballarat undertakes paving work to fix or replace an old space. Furthermore, we can help in designing any landscape. We suggest the inclusion of certain trees or flora. So we help in accenting the newly fixed walkway or pavement. 

    Durable & lovely

    The paving contractor in Ballarat customises paving projects. Given this, your property acquires a natural look. Additionally, we tailor your paving to add accents. Therefore we pick various materials for your tailored look. You can choose from our durable materials. For example, we provide brick, concrete or different stones. 

    All custom jobs are cut and made-to-order to fit perfectly around your home or business. Do you want to build a new outdoor seating area or patio? In that case, you need decking or tiles. These two are wonderful options. However, their strengths and weaknesses differ as well as upkeep and longevity. 

    Comparatively, tiles need lower maintenance than a deck. The reason is they do not fade or need new varnish every few years. Unlike decking, paved or tiled areas do not get scratched or splinter. Also, they do not become waterlogged. Because of this, we consider them a longer-lasting solution.

    These hard surfaces need minimal maintenance. For this reason, they can last 20 or more years before you require refurbishing. It would be advisable to pressure clean them every few years. Australian Construction has different types you can pick from. For instance, we have limestone, porcelain, ceramic and more. Each presents its advantages regarding durability and appearance.


    ​At Australian Construction, we endeavour to deliver the best. Due to this, we have proficient tradespeople. Furthermore, we have top-notch equipment and superior materials. Do you require pavers for your home? Or do you need expert help for a major industrial project? Under these circumstances, the paving contractor in Ballarat is available. So do not hesitate. Please allow us to begin your paving project now! Our skilled team will discuss our available details. In addition, we will give you a charge-free onsite measure and quote.

    We look forward to hearing from you today!