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Bendigo Paving Contractor

Bendigo Paving Contractor

    Paving presents a versatile and crucial element of any garden landscape. And when experienced experts like Australian Construction design and install your paving, your home’s value improves. Moreover, it enhances your property’s outside lifestyle spaces. Do you want to enhance your home’s exterior? In that case, hire the services of our skilled paving contractor in Bendigo. Furthermore, we have landscaping expertise. Because of this, we design the appropriate paving foundations.

    In light of this, we design and lay the correct base.  Our expert team lays the suitable ground for laying the garden retaining walls or pavers. As a result, the pavers or brick retaining walls are safe. Additionally, they are well-drained. Consequently, they withstand movement over time that leads to cracking, hence affecting your property’s value adversely. 

    Our expert services

    Australian Construction is a leader when it comes to paver specialists. Moreover, the paving contractor in Bendigo is an expert in paving services. For example, we are professionals in laying new pavers. Also, we renovate existing paved areas near in-ground pools, landscaped gardens and alfresco areas. Our services are professional, and we undertake projects like pool surrounds and driveways. It includes steps, pools coping and courtyards. In addition, we offer decorative features, paths and patios.

    Paving benefits

    Paving is appealing, and currently, we have various styles, colours and patterns. The colour, design and type you select give your home unique paving. More importantly, when we install it expertly, your home rises in value. If you wish, our experts can repair paving quickly.

    The paving contractor in Bendigo lays paving in a concrete base. Because of this, your paved area resists unattractive weeds protruding through the joints. Also, we lay paving in a sand base providing the ability to accommodate most or all pavers. It is suitable if you want access points with reduced damage to pavers.

    Paver laying patterns

    Our paving contractor in Bendigo provides different patterns for pavers. Moreover, our experts lay pavers in various ways. In light of this, we use different colours. Hence we enhance the design further. We recommend herringbone patterns for driveways. Additionally, they are suitable for other areas used by cars for maximum strength.

    Australian Construction prevents various other kinds of paving. For example, we offer slate paving and crazy paving. In addition, we provide tiling with outdoor tiles and flagstone slate paving.  Do you want to transform your space completely? Or perhaps you want to improve its appearance or function. In that case, the paving contractor in Bendigo specialises in natural stone paving. After all, it is best for various applications.

    We provide the best solutions for:

    • Improving your front lawn using a quality path or driveway. 
    • Creating your backyard entertainment space
    • Paving around your pool

    Outdoors stone pavers

    The paving contractor in Bendigo provides various options to clients. More importantly, our range suits not only your space and taste but also your budget. Our landscape team is skilled in natural stone paving. In light of this, we mainly use slate and sandstone. Also, we utilise travertine, granite and more.

    Australian Construction has vast experience in all areas of paving services. Due to this, we ensure we complete your project to top standards. We give our clients a wide choice of colours and pavers. Moreover, we give you a variety of patterns depending on how you want us to lay them. Given this, you can create a unique area that you will adore! Our skilled team also lays pavers on crushed sand and rock. In addition, we lay it on a concrete base using a wet mortar mix.


    Australian Construction stone pavers are highly experienced. Therefore they have attention to detail and skills. Because of this, they create unique finished products. Whether your project is big or small, our landscape team offers top standard care and craftsmanship for your stone paving.

    So call us today for the best paving services in Bendigo!