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Bundaberg Paving Contractor

Bundaberg Paving Contractor

    For years, Australian Construction has provided paving solutions. Furthermore, our paving contractor in Bundaberg has helped clients get the desired results for their properties. After all, we have the skills and awareness to assist you with all your paving requirements.

    Our skilled team has vast experience. In other words, we have worked in all kinds of paving and outdoor tiling. More importantly, we handle different kinds of stone and brick. For this reason, we produce whatever you need. We are specialists in driveways and bricklaying. Moreover, we handle footpaths, pool coping, patios and more.

    Our quality services

    Do you want a rustic and relaxed look in your outdoor living area? Or do you long for a modern and elegant appearance? Maybe you wish for an informal or formal look. Regardless, Australian Construction meets your precise needs.

    Our main emphasis is on quality and our work makes us proud. The paving contractor in Bundaberg provides durable paving solutions. More importantly, our paving services are affordable. In addition, our paving solutions are guaranteed to endure for years. Australian Construction only uses top quality materials. Consequently, your property has a touch of perfection! So use our paving services for a unique look. Call us to find out more.

    Concrete paving

    Our concrete paving presents a wonderful design and landscaping option. It is suitable for your front and backyard, dining area, alfresco or driveway. For years we have built and laid all shapes and sizes of concrete pavers. Because of this, they suit all requirements.  The paving contractor in Bundaberg creates strong pavers for your driveway. 

    Therefore they resist the consistent crunch of your vehicle’s wheels. Moreover, our team can create lovely footpaths that run around your house to your garden. In addition, we can create solutions that make your alfresco area appealing. We also have paving services for your garden and pool area.

    Concrete paving is durable and versatile. Because of this, concrete is a popular building material. The paving contractor in Bundaberg makes transformations. For example, we recreate terracotta, bluestone or slate. More importantly, these services are cost-effective. Additionally, we can stamp or paint your pavers. Alternatively, we can use exposed aggregate to construct your pavers. Concrete pavers present the best choice for your future outdoor paving project.

    Permeable driveways

    Australian Construction provides a paving solution to all permeable needs, such as permeable pathways, carparks, driveways and more.  We use a specifically created permeable concrete design. Due to this, it provides maximum permeability. Most importantly, it does not jeopardise the strength of regular concrete.

    The permeable concrete presents a base, and we offer different colours to match any area. The concrete is naturally porous. Due to this, the water passes via the solid material, although the concrete is hard. Furthermore, porous paving offers a wonderful solution to various issues.

    For instance, this paving solves problems like stormwater flooding. Here the pollutants are absorbed via concrete. Consequently, the pollutants flow via the space beneath rather than flooding the nearby areas.  For years we have used our expertise with our permeable concrete. For this reason, the paving contractor in Bundaberg tailor-makes a permeable area that suits your needs.  Therefore where permeability is concerned, we are professionals and leaders in the market. 


    At Australian Construction, we are specialists in all kinds of paving. We also carry out paved surface repairs. For example, we handle new driveway and outdoor entertainment spaces. Additionally, we repair your existing damaged or cracked pavers. Our materials vary from natural stone, standard concrete to other types of pavers. Also, our products are best for different applications like driveways, poolsides, alfresco dining areas, etc.

    We look forward to meeting all your paving needs today!