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Cairns Paving Contractor

Cairns Paving Contractor

    For years Australian Construction has served the Cairns area. Moreover, we offer services to domestic and commercial clients. We aim to provide quality products on budget and on time safely. Our paving contractor in Cairns is proficient in all aspects of soft and contractual landscaping. 

    Our staff consists of friendly and efficient landscapers. Furthermore, we pick them carefully for their capability of offering superior products. Given this, we provide:

    • Excavation
    • Surface drainage
    • Retaining walls
    • Timber decks
    • Gazebos
    • Timber fencing
    • Pool fencing
    • Paving
    • Garden beds
    • Turf or a blend of whatever you need

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    Garden paving

    The paving contractor in Cairns provides garden paving as one of our landscaping solutions. Our team is dedicated to restoring your garden. Paving is one method of making your garden one with your property. Our garden paving is an essential factor in any Cairns property. Your lawn gets boggy during the rainy season. Therefore areas of high traffic around the home and washing line benefit when we add paving.

    We offer lovely and functional garden paving. Besides, we provide a wide variety of green paving products. Because of this, we can tailor our paving services. As a result, they suit your plants, property and budget. Australian Construction tailors your garden paving to your requirements. In the light of this, we offer:

    We provide durable garden paving. Because of this, they are ideal for high traffic spaces. Furthermore, they create an extremely tidy presentation.

    Decorative paving

    Adding personality

    Australian Construction uses decorative paving to add character and personality to your garden. It can be informal or formal, and we undertake all kinds of decorative paving. Our skilled team works with you. As a result, we deliver what you want. We lay granite and sandstone slabs to create a pathway, giving you an organic feel. 

    The paving contractor in Cairns sets the decorative paving among small rocks. Alternatively, we lay them in the grass. Comparatively, they are cooler beneath the earth than concrete pavers. Consequently, they complement tropical gardens greatly. Furthermore, our garden pavers are available in different colours. For example, we provide orange, warm reds and steely blues.

    In Cairns, we utilise this kind of decorative paving as a statement piece. We install decorative paving either at your property’s entrance or pool pathway. Our expert team pairs them with traditional pavers and lines on both sides. As a result, we create a fascinating path. Apart from the sandstone, we have other different types of decorative paving. 

    Also, they are available in different colours, sizes and shapes. We offer an excellent method of connecting your plants with your property. The paving contractor in Cairns provides you with a fully paved pathway down to your house’s side. Additionally, we provide poolside paving and entryway paving. 

    Outdoor paving

    Australian Construction works with different raw materials. For example, we use sandstone and limestone. Besides, we use slate and granite. Because of this, we offer beautifully textured paving works. More importantly, we meet all the details of your requirements. Do you want us to revitalise your pavers? Or would you like us to install a new paved area as a section of your outdoor space renovations? Notwithstanding, we work with our customers hence ensuring we deliver their vision and style goals.


    Australian Construction has worked with clients for years. Moreover, we have helped them attain the desired outcomes for their properties. After all, we are conversant in paver services. Therefore we make your property exceptional. For our team of skilled experts, no job is too small or big.  

     Please talk to us today to discuss your paving needs in Cairns!