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Central Coast Paving Contractor

Central Coast Paving Contractor

    Australian Construction offers top quality services for you. We have vast experience in the landscaping sector. Because of this, we offer trustworthy and reliable services. Our paving contractor on the Central Coast has the expertise and knowledge to do the job.

    Our services include constructing your garden’s retaining wall. Additionally, we create a new driveway or remodel your backyard. Moreover, our services are affordable. For expert landscaping services and attention to detail, call us today.

    Paving services

    Residential industrial & commercial outdoor surfaces

    Paving gives you and your visitors a safe level surface. More importantly, it means dirt and dust does not enter your home. Paving consists of many separate pieces. Meanwhile, a concrete slab has one poured slab. It facilitates expansion and contraction. Because of this, there are more minor surface cracks. Besides, if you want access for a specific reason, we can lift and replace it.

    The paving contractor on the Central Coast chooses colours that contrast and complement the surrounding. We consider the colour of your house, yard and fencing. Your home style determines the shape and size we recommend. For example, more extensive pavers make a small area look more prominent. Is your paving cost-sensitive? In that case, our smaller pavers are vastly more affordable per meter. If you have a more extensive area such as a driveway, it provides significant savings.

    Our services

    Do you want durable and robust paving? If so, work with our professional paving contractor on the Central Coast. We design and lay the suitable base for the environment. Therefore, we set up the appropriate paving foundations. As a result, it ensures the pavers are solid and well-drained. Consequently, they do not shift over time hence preventing possible cracking.

    At Australian Construction, we are skilled. More importantly, we have significant experience in paving solutions. Given this, we help with all your design and structural requirements. We carry out a site inspection and offer a no-obligation, no-charge quote.

    Beautiful pebble paving products

    The Australian Construction pebble paving is not only decorative but also functional. Furthermore, it suits exterior and interior environments. Because of this, we use it to make dull areas brighter. The paving contractor on the Central Coast has various landscaping pebbles available.  As a result, our pebble paving works attain different aesthetically pleasing goals. In addition, they include splashes of texture and colours near any business or home.

    Your outdoor projects paving solutions

    In exterior projects, we mainly use pebble paving to add texture near garden areas and pathways. Due to this, the pebbles make these areas look natural. Moreover, our pebble paving solutions blend well with almost any planned or existing vegetation. 

    Indoors pebble paving

    In interior surroundings, we mainly use pebble paving in kitchens. In addition, we utilise pebble paving in commercial showrooms. Also, we often use pebble paving as a bordering or edging technique. Consequently, it helps in directing the visual flow from one section or room to a different one.

    Awesome outdoor paving

    We provide outdoor paving systems for commercial, residential and architectural outdoor paving applications. For example, we use this paving for streetscapes and driveways paving. In addition, we use them for roadways and outdoor landscapes. The paving contractor on the Central Coast provides outdoor paving designs. Our designs add not only functionality and beauty but also safety.


    Whatever your needs, Australian Construction helps you will all your paving requirements. We install superior decorative paving. Our expert team provides various outdoor paving solutions. As a result, they create a feature that improves your landscape or building.  This system offers a beautiful alternative to traditional pavers and bricks. In other words, the two are top quality and durable, making them affordable and functional.

    Please contact us today for the best paving services on the Central Coast!