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Darwin Paving Contractor

Darwin Paving Contractor

    If you want to include a remarkable new feature to your yard, for instance, a path, another driveway or lovely new paved spaces, talk to Australian Construction. We provide a comprehensive variety of brick paving, with superior products that suit different styles. Our paving contractor in Darwin has experienced experts who are committed to durable outcomes. 

    Whatever we design is created to last; therefore, you have an appealing new feature for your compound that stands the test of time. Our professional team works closely with you, ensuring that we realise your vision perfectly. 

    Our company is famous for our remarkable product range; superior service and committed staff. If you require brick paving services around your residence, check our extensive selection. Whether you want something modern or traditional style, we offer the ideal pavers for you.


    We use the Australian Construction paving stones and bricks for various brick paving services. We have the necessary raw materials to transform your home from new extensions and homes to garden beds and paths. We offer:

    • Bricks
    • Paving stones
    • Cement
    • Sand
    • Quality services
    • Various styles

    Hiring a professional paver from a Darwin paving contractor saves you a lot of time because we have specialised equipment, enabling us to work fast. We also help you to enhance your building’s appearance, making it safer for visitors. Where commercial property is concerned, if you have damaged or cracked pavement, it can cause possible falls, trips and injuries and cause a severe problem for business owners. We have locally manufactured pavers, which we create to suit the area’s weather conditions to ensure durable pavers.  We supply architecturally manufactured, vitrified clay paver (600 series), resulting in a reliable product. So, it will not grow mould, wear or fade.

    Why you need a professional paving contractor

    For improving or rebuilding your driveway, look no further than us. Our skilled team are experts in driveway installation and plan. We have experience creating paver pathways with the best materials like stone pavers, brick pavers and concrete pavers. Driveways should be robust, durable and practical for safety and durability. Since it is your property’s main route, the driveway presents an essential installation in your house and a beautiful element.

    We create driveways to achieve these two outcomes. Brick pavers have well-known useful qualities, and some of their critical applications are paths and driveways. Brick paving is durable, needs minimal maintenance and is robust.

    In case you have a big section of your lot that is difficult or is prone to periodical flooding at times, permeable pavers are an excellent option to help move water back into the surface. Nearly all our permeable pavers are similar to our standard pavers. It means you do not have to compromise style! Remember that you need expert site preparation and installation techniques from a paving contractor in Darwin.

    Planning is an essential part of the driveway. Ensure you call us to confirm that your driveway will withstand the constant pressure of vehicles driving on it. We appreciate that you need these requirements and numerous paving options to pick from to enable you to get the perfect look and functionality.


    If you want to make your home more stylish, paved walkways are the answer! If you would like us to pave your walkway or pathways, we guarantee to create a stunning impact using conventional pavers or stone paving. Call us for a quote on your home or commercial properties paved paths. We have these durable interlocking blocks in many designs, colours, finishes and sizes, transforming outdoor features and appearance into art pieces. Nothing beats strolling along a lovely paved walkway. 

    Our team of professional builders design and install walkways that include stunning transitions. We create our walkways from superior quality products on the market. Whether you want a walkway that leads to the doorway, near your property or through your backyard, Australian Construction can create it.

    A pathway or walkway presents the area where you welcome family and friends and interact with the neighbours. A walkway and front entry also gives your property an inviting element and connects all aspects of your scenery.

    Efficient and reliable paving services

    Our team at Australian Construction has expert brick pavers who handle all your requirements. If you want raw materials or brick services, our paving contractor can meet your needs. We have an extensive option of pavers and bricks to choose from, including modern and traditional styles. Call us for more information.


    We have a comprehensive range of bricks, and no matter what your project is, we assure you of getting the product you need. We also provide expert brick services, so call us for: 

    • Brick matching
    • Bricklaying services
    • Pressed blues, reds and more
    • Clay and sandstone

    For quality products and an impeccable job, you can depend on our team of experts.


    The paving contractor in Darwin has a beautiful selection of pavers that suit small and large projects. We provide brick pavers for pool areas, driveways, paths, courtyards and gardens. For additional data about our pavers and bricks, consult our friendly team now.

    Apart from pavers and bricks, our team supplies services for small and large stone walls. If you want country rubble, retaining walls, garden beds, limestone or stacked stone, talk to us. We will be glad to help you refresh your yard.

    Benefits of pavers

    Pavers provide many choices for design, colour and general look. Selecting the correct pavers and allowing us to install them to expert standards ensures your home’s curb appeal.

    For environmentally-conscious homeowners, pavers give you the benefit of permeability. Instead of letting driveway oils and salts and rainwater wash off into the watersheds and street, the pavers sand-filled joints facilitate the soaking down of water into the surface instead of washing away.


    At Australian Construction, we have a team of professionals who repair your existing paved areas, maintaining their pristine condition. We have limitless combinations of shapes, patterns, designs, and sizes, and our team works with you to give you the best patio. Also, our various pavers are designed and integrated into any pool or spa design.

      Talk to us today for the most appealing outdoor paving results!