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Geelong Paving Contractor

Geelong Paving Contractor

    Paving work needs professionals like Australian Construction. Furthermore, we meet and surpass our clients’ expectations. We work quickly and expertly, and our work is well organised. Moreover, it is safe and guaranteed. In addition, our paving contractor in Geelong values quality and artistry. 

    We offer commercial and residential works and complete impeccable services all over Geelong. Do you wish to replace old paving? Or do you want to upgrade your home or pave near your pool area? Maybe you need to build a block or brick retaining wall. Under these circumstances, we deliver anything connected to paving or landscaping. We have a professional mindset. Due to this, we are among the most popular paving firms in Geelong.

    Commercial paving

    In Geelong, we are trusted as the most popular development and architectural firms. Our team pays attention to small details. Besides, we have remarkable craftsmanship. Therefore we can handle any challenges. The paving contractor in Geelong manages all sized projects. Our team first inspects the site and designs. Your project may be very intricate or detailed. Notwithstanding, we always deliver to all your needs.

    Any commercial project, regardless of its size, of course, begins with the inspection of the site and design. Are you a business owner? Or do you own a commercial property? In this case, you are responsible for the maintenance of your building. 

    The primary role of a commercial property manager includes asphalt care and maintenance.  But it is a factor that most people overlook. It means you are unaware of your options regarding building, improving or making your driveways and parking lots looking good. For this reason, we are available to offer commercial paving services.

    Australian Construction’s capabilities entail more than traditional paving work. All through the years, the firm has been a one-stop shop. In other words, we specialise in different services and deliver projects on time. More importantly, we meet our customers’ expectations. 

    Residential paving

    Australian Construction works on most residential properties in Geelong. We handle duplexes, houses, apartments and units. Because of this, our paving has given more depth and high-quality aesthetic designs to residential works. Therefore we meet our clients’ expectations. You might think that you have limited options for paving stones for your home. However, our paving contractor in Geelong has various options. We have charming stones sourced from around the globe. Additionally, we specialise in:

    • Bluestone paving
    • Concrete paving
    • Crazy paving
    • Bricks for paving
    • Travertine paving
    • Permeable paving

    Given this, we are your go-to paving contractor in Geelong! You are free to pick your preferred product. Additionally, we advise you on the best design for your property. We are a well-established paving company and are proud of our customer service. Our team and employees have the expertise to go beyond your expectations. In addition, we are dedicated, skilled and talented.

    Verandas, pergolas and patios

    Our veranda, pergola and patio pavers are superb. Moreover, they offer a durable and attractive appearance for your outdoor spaces. The paving contractor in Geelong provides outdoor entertainment paving works. Besides we have different sizes, shapes and colours. In addition, we customise our services to match your home. Not only are our projects lovely but also durable and low maintenance. Besides maintaining these areas needs minimal expenditure.


    Australian Construction designs the ideal outdoor areas for homes. We also serve businesses and commercial premises. We are enthusiastic and passionate about designing different features. For example, we provide garden water features, paving and planter boxes. Also, we create expansive projects with retaining walls, pergolas and patios. 

    Moreover, we handle complicated irrigation for bigger properties in Geelong. We meet all your paving requirements from beginning to end. Moreover, we handle all the personal factors such as design and construction.

    Talk to us today about all your paving requirements in Geelong!