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Gladstone Paving Contractor

Gladstone Paving Contractor

    Do you wish to include some rustic appeal to your patio? Or do you want to add a contemporary flair to your walkway? In that case, Australian Construction provides various paver options to meet your needs. Moreover, our paving contractor in Gladstone provides a personalised service. Hence we help you achieve a captivating look. 

    Not only do we deliver the pavers you want but also how you want them. We undertake all types of paving in different areas. For example, we pave patios, driveways and garden areas. You can pick from various options like clay, concrete, stone or brick pavers. Additionally, we have various shapes, styles and colour tones. Due to this, it is easy to include the right personality. Consequently, we change your outdoor living spaces.

    Spray-on Paving

    The paving contractor in Gladstone applies spray-on paving to new surfaces. In addition, we use this paving on concrete surfaces. This method is increasing becoming famous for transforming concrete. Therefore it suits carports, patios and driveways. Also, spray-on paving is great for entranceways, pathways and pool surroundings. Comparatively, spray-on is much stronger than concrete. Additionally, it is simple to clean and fade-resistant, and it does not collapse. Due to this, it is slip-resistant hence safe.

    Block paving

    Block driveways and block patios add appeal to your home. Moreover, these products complement your property hence adding value. The paving contractor in Gladstone provides blocks and driveways to replace an unsightly driveway. Furthermore, we add a patio in your backyard or another type of structure. Australian Construction uses clay and concrete to create block paving. We also lay it in detailed patterns. Therefore we match your taste. 

    Benefits of block paving


    We provide paving in various colours and styles. More importantly, we customise the general design to your specifications and taste. Not only do we have different shapes and designs but also unlimited possibilities.  


    Comparatively, block paving is more environmentally sustainable than other surfacing materials. The reason is that it is porous. The paving absorbs rainwater. Because of this, the rainwater does not pool on your driveway or patio. Hence the drainage of the surface area improves. Also, it reduces the risk of slipping.  


    Our block paving’s resistance to chemicals is high. For example, it is highly resistant to frosts, salts and oils. Because of this, there is no ugly cracking that mainly occurs in concrete after winter. Another block paving benefit is the material’s remarkable durability with time. For this reason, it is the ideal selection for your driveway. After all, it sustains a car’s weight easily. In addition, it does not experience any wear and tear after repeated parking.

    Low maintenance

    Block paving needs minimal maintenance and upkeep. Because of its material, you need to use water and soap once in a while to clean it. Block paving is durable. Due to this, it sustains all types of weather conditions.


    Australian Construction provides block paving in various designs, combinations and styles. Because of this, your home improves in appearance. Do you want a clean and simple design? Or do you wish to have something more sophisticated? In that case, you can be assured that our block paving will change any outdoor area. More importantly, a lovely driveway increases the appeal and value of your home to a buyer when you sell it. 


    For years Australian Construction has built a good reputation with our clients in Gladstone. After all, we offer brilliant driveway services to our clients. Therefore they are content with the quality of our services. 

    So call us today to discuss your paving options, and we will be happy to work with you!