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Gold Coast Paving Contractor

Gold Coast Paving Contractor

    Pavers are an excellent option for creating an appealing long-lasting finish for your landscaping work. We have limitless formats, styles and colours, and you are guaranteed to get something that suits your taste, giving your landscape project a stunning finish.

    Our Gold Coast Paving Contractor manufactures concrete pavers in various fascinating formats, styles and colours. They give you an attractive option for finishing rigid surfaces. Clay pavers are long-lasting and give you a natural product’s variation.  

    Formats and colours are not as many compared to concrete pavers since they give you a timeless appearance that is difficult to imitate. At Australian Construction, we utilise all kinds of paver finishes and pavers. 

    Natural stone tiles

    We use tiling to create an upmarket feel for your landscape work. Natural stone tiles give your outdoor areas an excellent option, forming a timeless finish that is attractive and durable. The paving contractor we have on the Gold Coast has many varieties of manufactured tile, and you are spoilt for choice when it comes to style, size and colour.


    If you want natural, clay or concrete stone pavers, we can provide them with all. Pavers are ideal for adding more entertaining space to your home, brightening your patio, restoring a well-worn area, or adding a dash of colour to your pool. 

    They present a cost-effective and straightforward way of making your home more valuable and colourful, and they need minimal maintenance and are durable. Our skilled team can use our perfect pavers to realise your dreams where design, colours, and pattern are concerned.

    We give safety top priority in all our projects and implement a comprehensive procedure to facilitate the building of plenty of water run-off and drainage into each design on driveway, stone and clay pavers.

    Spray paving

    Australian Construction uses a cement-based spray-on coating that we have in forty-five colours. Using these, our team creates an innovative design for you to complement your commercial or residential site. The finished work suits paths, patios, driveways, pool surrounds and any concrete slab that requires a decorative finish. It is best for high traffic areas since it is more rigid than the concrete slap we apply it to.

    How to select an asphalt paving contractor.

    Do you own a business and want to construct a parking lot for your establishment? In that case, it would be best if you hired a commercial asphalt contractor like Australian Construction. However, you may find it challenging to choose the right paving contractor. 

    The reason is many options are available, and you should choose one that perfectly meets your requirements and budget. However, when selecting an asphalt contractor, remember that it is not always advisable to pick the lowest bid.  It would help if you considered many factors when choosing asphalt contractors for your paving needs:

    Guidelines for choosing the correct asphalt paving contractor

    It would help if you had a competent asphalt contractor. Ensure that the contractor confirms he can provide your paving services according to your needs. After developing a trusted relationship with the contractor, ask whether they provide extra services. Also, choose an asphalt contractor like us who can also maintain your parking lot, saving you time and money.

    • Work with an asphalt contractor with sufficient knowledge to advise you about parking lot requirements, codes and design and the advantages of asphalt paving. Always choose an asphalt paving contractor who can help you understand your precise needs.
    • No task is successful without a dedicated team. So, look for an asphalt paving contractor like us who is very committed to work. They should analyse your needs closely as well as the job intricacies. You can call some of their references to discover more about the work they carry out. 
    • Choose an up to date paving contractor. Make sure that this person has the latest information about the newest technologies. The reason is that asphalt paving has dramatically advanced in the past twenty years. Feel free to ask them important questions about the type of materials or equipment they will use for the project. The outcome of the job depends on asking the correct questions.
    • Pick a certified asphalt paving contractor. Remember that asphalt paving contractors in the Gold Coast have the correct certification to undertake the work and have insurance. Choose contractors who belong to well-recognised associations and the ones who have worked for reputable firms. 
    • The contractor should willingly give you a list of references to help you learn more about them. Also, online reviews are a terrific method of understanding more about paving contractors.
    • Lastly, but most important, after following the above tips, visit the potential paving contractor’s website and discover more about the type of work they carry out, finalising a working agreement with them.

    Advantages of hiring a paving contractor

    If your driveway or parking area has potholes or cracks, it gives a wrong impression to site visitors and other people. If your company’s front yard is experiencing the issue, your clients will not be eager to visit. It is why it is essential to hire our asphalt paving repair services on Gold Coast. Our expert paving contractors are the best to handle this issue.

    They are specialists in this sector and have extensive training in their work. Using their expertise gives your home or business premises’ pavers and front yard an improved look.


    We have been laying tiles and pavers for many years, and we believe we are professionals in this field. Our team are specialists in concrete pavers, clay pavers, limestone pavers, limestone and sandstone tiles, garden edge paving and pool coping tiles.

      Call us today, and we will embark on your paving project immediately to give your outdoors a fresh and lovely look!