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Hervey Bay Paving Contractor

Hervey Bay Paving Contractor

    All of us wish to have a lovely surrounding area of our offices and home. Nicely paved roads improve the home’s beauty. Paving enhances your home’s appeal and architectural aesthetics. As a result, your guests are amazed and your neighbours become envious! Given this, Australian Construction has the solution. In other words, our paving contractor in Hervey Bay makes your patios and driveways more appealing. Your premises also become alluring and stylish. 

    We specialise in styling walkways and patios. Furthermore, we style driveways for commercial and domestic facilities. Our team has years of expertise and experience. Because of this, we are the most trusted pavement contractor in Hervey Bay. After all, we deliver quickly and our pavement construction is durable. It is also affordable and environmentally sustainable. Furthermore, we offer quality repair, renovation and maintenance solutions.

    Our quality services

    At Australian Construction, we provide highly trained pavers. Additionally, our pavers are professional and skilled. Because of this, they expertly handle your paving needs. Our pavers create pristine and unique pavements as well. Consequently, your property becomes lovelier.

    Our team is well equipped with vital tools. Because of this, they undertake the work quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the paving contractor in Hervey Bay works with you to make your idea a stunning reality. In this regard, we create an innovative design. In addition, this design matches your property’s age and style. Also, it fits the nearby garden. Not only are our paving services professional and reliable, but also affordable.

    Unlike poured concrete solutions, paving provides more versatility. Hence if you allow us to work on your future paving project, you will enjoy picking from various materials. Furthermore, our paving materials have different colours, textures and shapes. Our landscaping designers work jointly with you. As a result, we create lovely landscaping solutions!

    Types of paving solutions

    Today we have pavers with stunning distinguished finishes. Meanwhile, their existing surfaces portray the rich hues of the Australian outback. Also, these finishes characterise a softer mixture of chic modern colours. Our skilled team carefully lays out pavers among landscaped garden plants. In addition, they lay pavers among flowers and foliage. As a result, these meticulously planned garden features provide a natural link between the home and the garden.

    Australian Construction offers different qualities, textures, and shapes of pavers. Therefore we offer various options when constructing a new swimming pool. Our choices are also ideal for renovating existing swimming pools. Moreover, we have paving for building a new pathway or driveway. We also create or extend your patio. So talk to our experts today for various paving ideas. Our team will give you suggestions on the ideal pavers for your residential or landscaping project.

    Pavers provide a natural elegance, feel and look to the finished project. Because of this, they are a popular choice for most landscape architects and contractors in Hervey Bay. Australian Construction offers different pavers. For example, we provide pavers created from sandstone, cast stone and travertine. We also produce our pavers from limestone, basalt and granite.

    Decorative concrete finishes

    The paving contractor in Hervey Bay provides different concrete resurfacing systems. We use these systems in the domestic and commercial markets. In addition, we offer the ideal solution to decorative concreting, paving, and paving designs. Additionally, our solutions are suitable for commercial concrete resurfacing works and domestic homeowners. 


    Australian Construction offers long-lasting paving solutions. More importantly, we have experience in providing paving solutions for various projects. For example, we provide paving for projects like pool paving, driveway construction and patios and more. Comparatively, our pavers are tougher than concrete slabs and are skid-resistant. Moreover, these pavers absorb less heat. For this reason, this paving is ideal for summer in Australia! 

    We look forward to providing you with our quality paving services in Hervey Bay!