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Hobart Paving Contractor

Hobart Paving Contractor

    Australian Construction specialises in paving and surfacing. Moreover, we undertake hard landscaping. Additionally, our paving contractor in Hobart provides civil engineering services. We work with clients in the private and public sectors. 

    Moreover, we are specialists in reinforced concrete, foul sewerage and surface water. Also, we handle the fabrication of steel-framed structures. In addition, we offer environmental schemes like riverbank stabilisation and coastal defence. Also, we provide hard landscaping and surfacing services.

    Our services

    The paving contractor in Hobart has years of experience. Therefore we offer a full range of products like:

    • Landscaping and fencing works
    • School works
    • Playground construction
    • Drainage works
    • Specialist paving
    • Resurfacing
    • Groundwork & enabling

    Paving services

    Our paving gives you a lovely and practical addition to your outdoor area, garden and next landscaping project. Our expert team lays it expertly and carefully. Because of this, the paving is remarkably low maintenance. Due to this, it offers you a wonderful looking area for years. We provide our paving services to various parts of your exterior area. It includes:


    Off-road parking offers a wonderful asset to your home. However, most people believe a driveway consists of cracked concrete or packed earth. At Australian Construction, we appreciate that we need to approach driveway paving with care. As a result, your driveway sustains considerable weight over an extensive period. We have expert professionals. Therefore they ensure they give you the best paving for your driveway. Consequently, it does not crack, and after many years it shows minimal wear.

    Paths leading to outside doors

    Do you love your lawn and gardening? In that case, we provide paving to give you neatly paved paths. As a result, the rest of your garden looks pristine. When you have a clear path, it motivates your visitors and family to follow established paths across your premises. So it reduces foot traffic across your flowerbeds and lawns.

    Pool surrounds & similar spaces.

    Usually, pool surrounds are paved. The paving contractor in Hobart ensures the use of the non-slip surface. Besides, it suits this type of use.

    Patios & outdoor dining spaces

    Outdoor dining is ideal during summer weekends. We offer top-quality paving. For this reason, your outdoor dining and the entertaining area look unique. Moreover, it helps in keeping the other part of your garden looking remarkable. 

    Because of this, eating outside becomes a natural occurrence. We specialise in paving a part of your garden. Hence you can use it as an outdoor dining area. So it enables you to feel you have an extra room in your home.

    Suitable pavement planning

    When we install new paving, we carry out the planning and laying with great attention to detail. In light of this, we have some provisions for handling water runoff during harsh rainfall. It prevents waterlogging. Furthermore, it ensures that you have a level surface. 

    Additionally, it is sufficiently compacted and prevents your paving from collapsing during significant heat. Similarly, it prevents the destruction of your paving during great heat. Likewise, it does not become damaged during harsh frosts. More importantly, our proper pavement planning gives you a lovely and smooth finish.

    Lastly but most important, pavement planning is vital in spaces where you need to walk barefoot. The paving contractor in Hobart ensures that we design and install your paving to top standards. In this regard, we check your new paving after completing the job. Hence we ensure our job meets your satisfaction.


    At Australian Construction, we offer top quality work. Also, we give you cost-effective services. Due to this, we have a proven track record for the best paving services in Hobart. We have wide experience, and our skilled team is honest and dedicated. Additionally, we apply best practices. For this reason, we have built a unique reputation for quality, service and affordability.

    Please talk to us today about the best paving solutions in Hobart!