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Launceston Paving Contractor

Launceston Paving Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we have vast experience in laying superior paving for patio floors. Moreover, we have various kinds of pavers. Additionally, our paving contractor in Launceston has multiple types of pavers. More importantly, we have a superb range of bonding patterns. As a result, it adds character and appeals to the patio space. 

    We offer a paving solution to all permeable needs. It includes permeable driveways, car parks, pathways and a lot more. Furthermore, we use a specifically created permeable concrete design. More importantly, this design provides maximum permeability. 

    Pool landscaping

    Paving is a perfect fit for swimming pool edges. Also, paving is suitable for patios. Australian Construction provides visually appealing paving. Additionally, it is not only durable but also practical. The paving contractor in Launceston uses superior quality sealers.

    For this reason, your pool paving is stain resistant. The good news is that you can use a hose to wash away any dirt! Choose wisely when it comes to outdoor living. Also, pick landscaping that is based on superior quality brick paving.

    We are happy to provide a cost-free consultation and quote. Our skilled team makes a site visit. Furthermore, they listen to your ideas and give you advice. Call us today and discover more about our pool landscaping services.

    Patio & paths pavers

    The paving contractor in Launceston provides quality paving solutions. Because of this, your development or home increases in value. Our paving range is ideal for courtyards, patio areas and paths. In addition, we have various paving for verandas, driveways and pool surround. We also cater for commercial paved spaces and more. More importantly, we use our paving range to decorate all these areas exquisitely.

    Australian Construction also offers a unique range of honed, exposed aggregate and polished concrete pavers. Moreover, we utilise different kinds of feature pebbled and coloured glass aggregates. Do you have an outdoor project and are unsure of the appropriate paving? In that case, our paving contractor in Launceston can help you in getting the right product.

    Our concrete pavers provide an affordable solution and are the best choice. They are available in different shapes and colours. Because of this, you can be imaginative in your patio or path design. Therefore call us today if you want help in getting the appropriate product for your paving works. Our competent team is happy to help you with expert advice.

    Spray paving (non-slip)

    At Australian Construction, we specifically design our non-slip spray paving. Consequently, we form an exceptional decorative finish on your existing concrete surfaces. We offer spray-on resurface coatings that bond strongly to existing appropriate concrete surfaces.  Due to this, we create a textured and slip-resistant surface. Also, we establish a decorative surface for wet and dry areas.


    Do you want to resurface your existing walkway or concrete driveway? Or do you wish to resurface your patio or veranda? In that case, the paving contractor in Launceston provides spray-on paving. This product gives your area an entirely new feel and look. 

    Moreover, spray-on paving enables you to tailor your look. Given this, it creates spectacular unique designs. For example, we offer company monograms or logos if required. We have a wide range of contemporary patterns and colours. Due to this, you can create your desired look. In addition, you rejuvenate your existing concrete.


    Australian Construction helps in bringing new life to many properties in Launceston. Our team has vast experience in various applications. For example, we create a grip on access ramps. We also resurface undercover car parks. Moreover, we pave cracked and worn driveways.

    Therefore call us today for creative and practical paving solutions!