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Melbourne Paving Contractor

Melbourne Paving Contractor

    Australian Construction is a firm that provides superior quality services for you. Our many years of experience working in the city’s landscaping industry has enabled us to offer trustworthy and reliable service. We have a paving contractor in Melbourne who comes highly recommended, with expert tradespeople with a lengthy history of impeccable work.

    Whether our competent team is building a new driveway, your garden’s retaining wall or remodelling your backyard, we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver your job. We are proud to present various services across Melbourne’s south-eastern and eastern suburbs at competitive costs. If you want professional landscaping services and attention to detail, call us today.

    Recycled brick paving

    Use our brick paving services to make your garden have a complete look. Our company has earned the reputation of a popular bricklaying services provider in Melbourne. A paving contractor uses different materials with a wide range of products to suit all kinds of paving jobs. The team we have is experienced and has significant expertise in the paving field, giving your property the perfect finish.

    Brick is incredibly durable and is the best material for your garden, patio or driveway. You can improve your property’s appearance and make it more valuable. But, the visual appeal and the charm is mainly determined by the bricklayer’s skill.

    Redbrick pavers

    The paving contractor we have in Melbourne assures you of a perfect outcome.  We have become masters in bricklaying art and can make your property exceptional. Our services are available to design your space perfectly.

    Bricklaying services

    We provide the following bricklaying services:

    Concrete Driveway Pavers

    At Australian Construction, we are happy to provide various driveway laying services to improve your space’s look and value. Driveways are a property’s entrance and the first thing your visitors will notice. If you have a new and unique looking driveway, you can create the right first impression and change your outdoor space’s appearance. 

    Our team are skilled in paving driveways, and we can assist you to go through the various options you have. Depending on how your property looks, we advise the ideal options for your Melbourne property. We build your driveway from:

    • Pavers
    • Brick
    • Recycled bricks
    • Bluestone

    We prioritise quality and are very proud of our work. Our paving solutions are durable and effective, and we guarantee they will last for years. We only utilise superior quality materials to make your property ideal. Use our service to get unique paving. Call us today to learn more.

    Paved Walkways

    Paved walkways present a lovely addition to your property by improving your outdoor area’s look. We have functional and versatile options to pick from. The paving contractor provides a comprehensive range of professional footpath laying services, and we use the best materials. Using our services, you can have a lovely footpath created from the materials below:

    • Slate
    • Brick 
    • Pebbles
    • Recycled bricks
    • Crazy paving
    • Concrete tiles
    • Slate 

    We appreciate that each space is unique, and we have the ideal solution for all your paving requirements. Whether you have a free-flowing or angled path, we can give you solutions depending on the feel and look you wish to attain.

    • Highly versatile and durable
    • We have many options to pick from in terms of pattern, size and colour.
    • Cost-effective and designed to match any budget.
    • Long-lasting
    • Needs minimal maintenance

    We are experts at our work, and our vast experience has equipped us with top-notch methods to give your outdoor space a stylish look. Contact us if you wish to improve your natural landscape’s look and find out the available options. It will be our pleasure to help.

    Concrete patio pavers

    Australian Construction provides many different services to increase your outdoor area’s appeal and functionality. We are specialists in providing quality patios and offer laying and design services. Our experience enables us to work with different kinds of paving materials. It enables us to give you the results you have always envisioned.

    We create your patios from:

    Use our great services to create an attractive patio and enjoy your outdoor area. You can soak in Melbourne’s weather and spend a fun time with friends and family.  We know that each property is unique, and we aim to give you solutions that make your home more beautiful. It does not matter what kind of patio you need; we have amazing options. 

    Our services are unique because we are committed to attention to detail and quality.  Our able team works closely with all our customers, ensuring we construct the finest patios for them. Contact us today, and it will be our pleasure to talk about your needs.

    Paving sealant and protection

    Paving is resilient and can last for a long period on its own; however, we have a sealing option to give it an additional protection layer. A clear sealant does not change the colour but enhances the material’s hue.  We also have some sealers that provide a glossy look that some find appealing. A sealant also protects your outdoor paving from dirt, rust and stains, as well as weeds and mildew.

    If you want a sealant, it is advisable to wait for some weeks after our skilled outdoor paving contractors have installed the paving services. It enables it to settle and prevents the sealant from becoming damaged. We need to touch up sealant regularly, and our team is available when needed.


    When you use our skilled paving contractor in Melbourne, you are assured of our high-quality materials that create a useful and durable product. Paving is a durable material option that gives you optimal service. Our team is passionate about our paving services and aims to exceed our customers’ expectations. 

    Our relationship with our natural stone suppliers overseas ensures we import top quality and cost-effective natural stone for our bigger commercial projects. We visit our suppliers often, including inspecting the shipments and quarries to ensure we give you impressive quality and deliver on time.

      We are eager to hear from you to fulfil all your paving needs!