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Melton Paving Contractor

Melton Paving Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we have various paving materials. Furthermore, we provide different stone, brick and concrete pavers. We have incredibly durable pavers. Due to this, they last long with minimal repairs and maintenance. Our paving contractor in Melton helps you pick the ideal paving material for your business or home. 

    We design sophisticated and long pathways and driveways. Our range of products includes stone, concrete and brick pavers.  Our pavers not only make your property lovely but also enhance its curb appeal. Call us today for more information.

    Stamped concrete & decorative stains, sealants

    Do you want concrete for your driveway? In that case, we can alter its look dramatically. For this reason, we use different stamped options, sealants and stains. Moreover, the paving contractor in Melton can simulate different building materials. Hence it changes the appearance of your concrete paver. 

    Additionally, we apply sealants and stains to brick pavers. Due to this, the appearance of the brick pavers changes. More importantly, the concrete paver is protected against the weather and elements. Australian Construction provides different stamped concrete. In addition, we offer sealants and decorative stains. Due to this, your driveway looks different. Moreover, it matches your business or home visual aesthetic.

    Paving maintenance & repair services

    The paving contractor in Melton also provides expert maintenance and repairs for your paths and driveways. You constantly use paths and driveways, and they have exposure to the elements. Because of this, they crack, chip and lose their levelness. However, we can offer solutions to these issues. In light of this, we provide expert repairs for stone, concrete and brick paths and driveways. Our team offers quick, affordable and dependable paving repairs. Given this, we repair all kinds of stone. It includes bluestone, sandstone and travertine. 

    Pool paving

    Australian Construction offers expert pool patio paving solutions. We offer a patio around your pool. Because of this, you have a relaxation area, and you enjoy your pool. We provide various building materials for building your pool patio. 

    Our expert team designs and installs your new stone, brick or concrete patio. Not only does our team deliver quickly, but we also offer affordable solutions. With a new pool patio, your property looks lovely—moreover, your curb appeal increases. We are available to design your new pool patio so call us today.

    Advantages of expert pool paving services

    There are various reasons for investing in a paved patio for your swimming pool. Concrete, stone and brick patios are remarkably durable and versatile. Moreover, they need minimal maintenance and repairs. In addition, they look stunning for years. 

    The paving contractor in Melton designs sophisticated patios. Also, these patios feature seating, multi-levels, lounge spaces and more. Concrete and brick are naturally slip-resistant. Hence you do not need to be concerned about falls and slips around the pool. 

    Block paving renovations

    Australian Construction also offers extra service. Due to this, your block paving looks brand new. We not only undertake block-paving cleaning but also provide a comprehensive renovation. Under these circumstances, we raise the paving blocks from the entire area or the problematic areas. We then change the bedding sand and thoroughly clean off the blocks. After this, we level and re-lay the block paving, then finish off.


    At Australian Construction, we give our clients a comprehensive service. For this reason, we are popular as leaders in our sector. We listen and communicate with our clients keenly. So, over the years, we have succeeded in meeting different paving needs. We give you customised solutions. Hence we complete your job successfully without issues. 

    We look forward to hearing from you today about your paving project in Melton!