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Port Macquarie Paving Contractor

Port Macquarie Paving Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we believe your business or home deserves the absolute best! Therefore we offer different paving solutions. Because of this, our professionals help in transforming your space. Consequently, you enjoy your desired lifestyle. More importantly, our paving contractor in Port Macquarie gives you a lovelier and functional outdoor space.

    Not only do we deliver unique work, but also we offer affordable prices. Due to this, our services are accessible to everyone. We provide quality services and help make the dreams you have for your property come true. Furthermore, our company offers sophisticated permeable paving services. So talk to our friendly team today. We will then begin designing your ideal outdoor area.

    Top-quality pebble paving services

    Our porous paving entails more than appearance. Porous paving is organic and clean and enhances any area. Not only this, it offers a unique option for any person who is keen on ensuring effective drainage around their property. Given this, it helps in eliminating runoff. As a result, it prevents damage to plants. Also, it avoids destruction to surface landscaping features. 

    At the same time, it reduces the incidence of moisture damage and stops sub-surface erosion from a pool of water. As a result, you save money in the future. The paving contractor in Port Macquarie sources our porous paving products from leading names. 

    For this reason, we work with the best resins and pebbles in the sector. We use a fully natural washing procedure. Because of this, the stone’s natural colour is preserved. Furthermore, the ultra-clear resin produces lasting protection for the pebbles. 

    Comparing a brick paver driveway to a concrete driveway

    For many homeowners, poured concrete is the normal option for driveways. But not only is concrete a dull option, but it also cracks easily.  Additionally, it is difficult to repair and is susceptible to staining. Therefore if you want to replace your driveway, consider our brick paver driveway. Moreover, our brick paver driveways are famous among most homeowners. The reason is this product has unique benefits compared to concrete, such as:


    Concrete driveways stain easily. Your concrete driveway becomes permanently stained from your vehicles’ leaking fluids. On the other hand, brick is less susceptible to staining. In addition, if your driveway experiences staining, you can use the Australian Construction brick pavers in that part of your driveway. Consequently, it looks brand new once more!

    Simple repairs

    Not only is it easy to fix stains in our brick driveways, but also, repairs are much easier. Over time concrete driveways crack and chip. As a result, we have to replace your entire driveway. This procedure is costly and challenging. But the Australian Construction’s brick paver driveways are unique. We can replace them before they become damaged. Due to this, our paver driveways are a more affordable option. 


    When wet, concrete driveways can be fairly slippery. Because of this, they can be risky to walk on. The paving contractor in Port Macquarie provides slip-resistant brick pavers. These pavers have a natural texture and an abrasive surface. Given this, they form a safe and stable environment to walk, even in wet conditions.  For this reason, they are the best option for people who reside in wet climates.


    The Australian Construction team is highly skilled. Additionally, our paving experts are specially trained. In addition, we have different quality and customised products. Due to this, we can prioritise our customers’ needs. Our paving services are highly specialised.  For this reason, we have delivered several paving projects successfully throughout Australia. Our paving solutions are top quality and affordable. Also, our paving services are environmentally friendly.

    Therefore call us today for the best paving solutions in Port Macquarie!