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Sunshine Coast Paving Contractor

Sunshine Coast Paving Contractor

    Australian Construction provides expert landscaping services. In the light of this, we serve clients on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. Moreover, our paving contractor on the Sunshine Coast specialises in top quality paving. Furthermore, we can change your backyard, vacant area or existing garden. Consequently, we give you an attractively designed and paved masterpiece. As a result, it complements your business or home.

    We appreciate it is important to work with skilled landscapers. For this reason, you can entrust us with your private works. Our expert team is experienced and focuses on all paving and landscaping elements. After all, they have specialist skills and knowledge in structural landscaping and paving.

    Quality services

    We have a friendly team. Because of this, we offer you product samples upon request. For example, we provide link blocks, keystones and pavers. More importantly, we have a wide variety of texture and colour solutions. The paving contractor on the Sunshine Coast supplies and installs all landscaping and pavers products. For this reason, we are uniquely qualified to advise you of the ideal paving solution.


    Australian Construction provides professional landscaping services and we specialise in superior paving.  We offer:

    We make recommendations and supply pavers to meet your property needs. Moreover, we offer paver brochures and samples you can view in your free time.


    A beautifully designed and efficiently maintained garden gives your business premises or home an inviting touch. The paving contractor on the Sunshine Coast provides cost-effective landscaping and paving services. Besides we maintain your new lawn monthly or fortnightly. As a result, it remains to look lovely and at maximum health.

    Australian Construction specialises in:

    We utilise top quality materials and tools. Therefore, we ensure a superior quality finish all the time. In addition, our team keeps disruption and mess to a minimum.

    More landscaping services

    We aim to provide full customer satisfaction. Not only is our landscaping and paving services top quality but also affordable. Besides, Australian Construction is known for offering brilliant outcomes. In light of this, we transform your outdoor area into a stylish and comfortable area. We offer lawn design and maintenance work. Also, we provide landscaping services like:

    • Gates
    • Fences
    • Keystone walls
    • Link block walls
    • Hardwood sleeper retaining walls
    • Treated pine sleeper retaining walls
    • Retaining walls
    • Pergolas
    • Decking 

    Australian Construction has years of experience in the industry. Due to this, we offer superior landscaping services. Our customers include residential clients and we guarantee quality and reliability.

    Commercial projects

    The paving contractor on the Sunshine Coast has vast experience in major asphalt projects. For this reason, we are the best for your commercial paving project. We emphasise a premium finish that highlights the quality of your business and surrounding. Also, we provide a comprehensive project management service from beginning to end. So we ensure we preserve your valuable time.

    Residential driveways

    At Australian Construction, we are pleased to have designed numerous breathtaking residential driveways on the Sunshine Coast. More importantly, we ensure a top quality finish on all projects. As a result, it ensures your shed or home entrance is structurally and visually perfect.


    Our paving contractor on the Sunshine Coast offers top-quality landscaping services. From beginning to end we offer unique outdoor living spaces. Not only are these areas functional but lovely. We provide high-quality workmanship at affordable rates. So you have an ideal outdoor space for your residence.

    We offer personalised and professional services. First, our team understands your outdoor area requirements. Second, we formulate a garden design or plan. We then advise you about the essential work or plants to your source plants and specifications. Third, we implement the plan with planting or other essential works. In addition, we give you details on caring for and maintaining your garden.

    Talk to us today for all your paving solutions on the Sunshine Coast!