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Townsville Paving Contractor

Townsville Paving Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we are specialists in domestic paving projects. We transform your garden and driveways into a lovely, exceptional area. Our paving contractor in Townsville provides a variety of colours, patterns and different kinds of paving. 

    Our many years of experience in all groundworks elements guarantee you that our team carries out patio or paving works that will last for years. Our key objective is to give you affordable and superior quality paving and driveway services in Townsville.

    Driveways Paving

    If you have a worn-out driveway that needs replacing, consider installing a new paving stone driveway to enhance your house’s look. Our paving stone driveways are ideal for enhancing your home’s exterior and giving you optimal returns when you invest in your driveway. The paving contractor we have in Townsville gives you superior quality paving materials to make your curb look lovely.

    Benefits of driveway paving

    Driveways are mainly a forgotten detail of your home.

    • A well-constructed paving stone driveway makes your home aesthetically appealing.
    • Driveways provide more than a functional area for parking your car or accessing your garage.
    • Additionally, you can use a paving stone driveway to expand your entertaining outdoor area that you can enjoy with your family and friends on a sunny day.

    Meeting your driveway paving requirements.

    • At Australian Construction, we appreciate that every driveway project is unique and needs a different technique to meet the homeowners’ personal style and the home’s architectural details.
    • From sophisticated driveways to sturdy and lovely natural stone patios, the paving contractor in Townsville provides various designs, materials and finishes.
    • Whether you want something simple but lovely, that enhances your front yard’s appearance or wish to have a long, elegant driveway or one with many pathways, our friendly team of professional paving experts are available to give you advice on your property’s solution.
    • Whatever design you need, we work closely with you to ensure your driveways become a reality.
    • We also ensure that your new driveway fits perfectly with your home’s existing feel and add more lasting value for protecting your investment.
    • Our skilled team easily installs our paving driveways and will deliver fast, giving you a driveway that looks better for many years.

    Complete paving driveways

    We provide comprehensive various distinct driveway paving styles such as decorative stone and block paving. Therefore, you choose the ideal paving for your property:

    • Tobermore brick
    • Gravel driveways
    • Granite driveways
    • Tarmac and asphalt driveways
    • Cobble lock driveways
    • Block paving driveways

    We also have comprehensive mastery in utility and ground mastery, so we handle everything, such as;

    • Driveway repair
    • Driveway extensions
    • Driveway design
    • Combine granite with gravel, paving blocks or cobble setts.

    Groundworks and Paving

    Australian Construction adds a lovely definition to your paths and garden with the appropriate paving that matches your garden. Paving your patio or driveway makes your property valuable. It would help if you had meticulous planning or get the professional help of our paving contractor. We have been in this industry for years, and you can trust us with all your paving works and groundworks.

    How Australian Construction meets your paving requirements

    • Our expert contractors carry out excavation, ground preparation, site clearance and total paving work to improve your property in any state.
    • Our qualified team completes the paving on a standard driveway in three days (including preparation).
    • We utilise various textures, finishes and colours in paving to match contemporary and traditional surroundings.
    • Our team uses durable and long-lasting paving bricks, which need minimal maintenance.
    • If you want a bespoke design, we have significant variations of patterns and designs in laying paving.
    • If your paving block becomes damaged, we repair or replace it cost-effectively.
    • Our team uses sand jointed paving blocks to facilitate flexibility, eliminating the likelihood of joints cracking.
    • Australian Construction supplies path materials and hard paving to change garden experience.

    Why you should choose us

    • We provide various options of paving products and supply everything needed for designing your patio, for instance, slabs and stone, cement and sand.
    • Whatever your taste or budget, we provide you with some metres of slabbed paving to add practicality and appeal. Options include natural granite, setts, slate pavers, Indian Sandstone concrete, and brick paving. 
    • Our paving contractor provides various manufacturers’ lay products; therefore, you are not confined to one product range to realise your dream project.
    • The extensive experience our paving crews and contractors have supports our work.

    Benefits of a patio

    • We can make your patio a peaceful space for relaxing.
    • A patio defines your yard’s different areas and enhances your garden and home.
    • You can use your patio for a summer grill-out or a meeting place around a fire pit in the fall. We provide different materials that our team lays out in different designs. 
    • Our experienced team helps in designing your patios for your precise needs.
    • We mix materials like cobble detail with paving sets or marble with granite.
    • Our paving contractor manages the entire patio project from inception to design, engineering, installing, electrics and other crucial hard landscaping like steps or retaining walls.

    Groundworks and paving

    Make your paths and garden more attractive with suitable paving that matches your garden. We pave your patio and driveway to make your property more valuable. Our professional team plans carefully and effectively to deliver what you need.


    Australian Construction provides a wide variety of paving products and supplies all you require to design your patios, such as slabs, cement, sand and stone. Our team provides expert paving services from the beginning of the contract to the end. We study all the details with you about the installation procedure and expected completion date, giving you a clear and specific contract. However small or big your project is, our skilled staff is available for you throughout.

    Using our selection of features, we create an individual driveway for you, from kerbs, landscaping, maintenance hole covers and steps. We have earned a reputation in Townsville for providing superior services to developers and homeowners. We are proud of our work, and it will be our pleasure to give you our paving services.

      Call us today, and we guarantee to give your home or premises an attractive look!