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Adelaide Plumbing Contractor: The Tools We Use at Australian Construction

    When executing large scale projects, plumbing contractors in Adelaide use many heavy pieces of equipment. These are huge machines that require expertise. Today, we at Australian Construction will show you the big machines we use as an Adelaide plumbing contractor company.

    Plumbers repair leaky tubes and facets, but plumbing contractors do the heavy lifting or the large plumbing issues including underground piping, infrastructure piping, residential pipe laying in pre construction phase and more. These are installed for various uses including water drainage, irrigation systems and sewage systems.

    1. Excavators

    An excavator is a huge machine that does the digging. It is also used in demolition projects. What the excavator does is to dig through the soil, and it is especially used in large infrastructures such as dams, digging foundations for a high-rise building, irrigation systems, and sewage systems.  

    If you have old pipes that need to be replaced, then excavation work needs to be completed prior to construction. There are several types of excavators, such as hydraulic and cable-operated. We have both, and our excavators also come in different sizes and attachments.  

    Excavators have different sizes because not all of them are going to fit an area. For pipe-laying projects in highways, a large excavator is ideal. For small residential spaces, a small one is the best choice.

    2. Backhoe Loaders

    A backhoe loader looks like an excavator, but it is better used in tight areas. The backhoe is a type of excavator that is also used to dig. However, this one has a backward motion. The attachment digs and pulls dirt and debris towards the operator, not away.

    In Adelaide plumbing contractor jobs, we use a backhoe loader not only to dig but also to load the pipes and dirt that we need to remove from the soil. It is pretty much like a shovel that scoops the dirt. We also use this to scoop soil and back-fill the trench once the pipes have been laid out.

    We also have bulldozers that will push the debris to a single location. We then can scoop the debris and put them in a dump truck, ready for transport to a quarry or a recycling facility.

    3. Compactors

    A compactor is used to flatten soil. This is important equipment in the plumbing industry since the soil was disturbed when the pipes were laid.

    If the soil is not compacted, there will be tiny air pockets in the soil, which can cause destabilisation. The soil may erode and collapse. Once the soil has been compacted, the construction engineers can now begin to lay the pavement.

    At Australian Construction, we use two types of compactors. The first one is a light compactor that allows us to work on residential projects. We then have the heavy ones that we use for projects like irrigation systems, canals, dams, and big commercial and industrial spaces.

    4. Man Lifts

    A man lift is a lift used for personnel. You usually see this machine at work if there are electrical repairs. Firemen also use this.

    In the plumbing industry, a man lift is necessary to lift a person to install pipes and fittings that are located at the ceiling. It is difficult for a person to work on heights with a ladder. A ladder is unstable and can cause a person to fall.

    In our company, we have man lifts that we can use in residential areas, basements of commercial complexes, and condominiums. We also have outdoor man lift equipment that we use for large scale projects where the pipes are actually bigger than a human being.  

    5. Air Compressors

    We need air compressors to put pressure into our plumbing tools. For one, the pipes need to be cleaned of debris, and our air compressors do the job of blowing the debris off them.

    For major plumbing repairs where the pipes will not be replaced, we use the air compressors to blow the dirt out, unclogging the pipes.  

    Are these machines really necessary? 

    Yes, they are. If you need an Adelaide plumbing contractor, these machines are one of the things you have to look for. You have to ask your contractor if they use them.

    Here are the benefits of using heavy machinery:

    • Efficiency – these machines are designed to fulfil a specific function. We use them so we can work faster. And if we do, you will be able to complete your projects at the timeliness you require. Without these tools, plumbers will rely on manual work. And as we know, manual work is not just expensive but also time-consuming.
    • Effectiveness – heavy machinery can do an effective job at one go. There is no trial and error here. For example, there is no reason to use a compactor if what you want to get done is to dig. The same goes for a backhoe. Each machine is designed for a purpose and this makes them effective.

    If you go shopping for an Adelaide plumbing contractor, you have to ask them if they have these machines. If they don’t, chances are they are going to rent. While renting is fine, it is better that they have their own machines.

    Now, if the plumbing contractor does not use these tools they are not capable of completing the project. Even if they are highly qualified, you should expect to pay more because manual labour is expensive.

    Summary: Adelaide Plumbing Contractor

    The thing you have to think about when deciding whether you need a plumbing contractor or not is the scope of the project. A plumber is your option for residential needs, especially if the plumbing system was already put in place.

    If you have a large-scale project at the beginning of construction, what you need is a plumbing contractor like us. We do plumbing for commercial spaces, tall buildings, irrigation systems, remodelling, and so much more.  

    Give us a call at Australian Construction and we will discuss your project. We will give you a quote for the project scope, and discuss your requirements further from this initial consultation.