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Bendigo Plumbing Contractor

Bendigo Plumbing Contractor

    Typically, people think that a plumbing contractor in Bendigo only uses hand-held tools. This is true for small projects like replacing a tap or installing a new shower knob. However, we at Australian construction use bigger things than this.

    Since we do large-scale projects, we need bigger tools and machines. Today, we will give you some examples of these mean machines that we use for our projects.


    An excavator is a digger. It is a big machine that is typically diesel-powered, and we use it to dig earth for foundations and holes. any large-scale contractor needs a machine like this.

    Old excavators used ropes and cables. This is how they drew power. Today, most excavators use the power of hydraulics. They are stronger and easier to operate.

    At Australian Construction, we use excavators to dig the soil for the pipe-laying exercises. If we are working on a government project or a dam, then you will see our excavators at work.  


    A backhoe is sometimes called a loader. On some occasions, people call it a back actor or rear actor. Like the excavator, it is a digging machine. It uses a “bucket arm” that some people call a dipper.  

    We use the backhoe to dig in tight areas. The attachment is great for digging out dirt and debris. We also use it to load the debris to dump trucks.

    What we like about the backhoe is that it has special attachments. We can even use ones that we can use to dig through the snow. The backhoe is versatile. For example, we can use attachments like a hydraulic hammer, static ripper, frost bucket, rotary cutter, and more.


    After digging the soil, the contractor lays the foundation and the pipe. Once this is over, the next step is to cover it again with soil, which we call backfilling.

    The backfilling process is not over yet. The soil is loose and there are many air pockets. As such, the soil is not fit for construction. It will erode and this can collapse the building.   

    To prevent this from happening, we have to use compacting machines to pack the soil. The fewer air bubbles there are, the harder the soil is going to be.


    The last tool we want to discuss today is the man lift. It is a machine that allows us to elevate a person. It is like a cradle where the person stands, and then somebody operates it. A man lift is something you typically see in fire rescue operations.  

    In plumbing, we use this to lift people and install the pipes in high areas. A ladder is not a good idea for this kind of work because ladders are unstable.

    At Australian Construction, we pretty much use a man lift in any project that involves height. This is how we keep our personnel safe. 

    Summary: Plumbing Contractor in Bendigo

    In one of our articles, we provided the differences between a plumber and a plumbing contractor in Bendigo. A contractor takes on huge projects like mid-rise to high-rise buildings, roads, irrigation systems, and many more. This is what we do.

    If you have a question, do not hesitate to give us a call. We can also discuss the price over the phone. You can also use our request quote form if you want. If you do, just give us the details of your project and one of us will assess it from here.

    The best option is to meet in person and for us to do an ocular inspection. We will be able to make a better assessment and provide you with a better quote if we do this.