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How To Hire A Darwin Plumbing Contractor

    How should you hire a Darwin plumbing contractor? Today, we at Australian Construction will share some tips that will help you hire a good contractor for your project. 

    Plumbing is an old profession. As such, there are many plumbers out there. However, infrastructure plumbing and pipe laying is not an easy thing to do as it involves understanding of not just basic plumbing but civil engineering, building mechanics and more.

    Not many people can effectively manage and understand the intricacies of water, pressure, and sanitation alone. We at Australian Construction do understand the entire business though and we are equipped with entire teams that can undertake the scope of the project build from start to finish.  

    1. Speak to other engineers

    Ask about the kind of job that the contractor has performed. Ask the engineers if they are satisfied with the service and if the plumbing structure is safe and sound. Do this several times, and you will come up with a list of plumbing contractors. 

    This is an important exercise. You cannot just hire the first contractor that you call without even knowing anything about their work background. All contractors will tell you that they can perform the job, but what you do not know is the quality of their work. 

    The last thing that you want is a contractor with a sub-par performance. The best way to find out is not after you deal with the contractor, but before you even sign a contract with them. 

    2. Ask about insurance and licensing

    Anyone can have a wrench and say he can do a plumbing job. In our country, plumbing is a regulated profession. Before you work with a contractor, talk about insurance and licenses.

    A licensed plumbing corporation understands that their business is at stake. Apart from their reputation, they can lose their license if too many complaints are filed against them. If they botched up a job, it could also cost them a lot of money.

    We at Australian Construction are licensed. Apart from being a licensed corporation, we have a team of individually licensed engineers. Our team members have all gone through specialised training courses and certification, and this gives us the assurance that they will do their jobs up to par with the codes expected by the government. 

    Also, make sure that the Darwin plumbing contractor offers insurance as we do. What does this mean? It means that they are not your liability if something happens to them. Also, if they do a botched job, they have something to fall back on to—you do not have to chase them for repairs.

    3. Ask about the equipment they use

    Plumbing is not just about putting pipes together to make them work and distribute water. A plumbing contractor must be adept at many things. 

    Before choosing a contractor, ask them about the machinery or equipment that they use. You do not want a plumbing contractor that does things manually, as this can really add on to the overall expense of the project. As you can see, manual labour is always expensive. 

    To let you know what to expect, we will tell you what equipment we use below: 

    • Excavators – we use these heavy machines to dig through the soil; they are best used for digging trenches or for laying down pipes in and around a commercial construction.  
    • Backhoe loaders – these are machines that are like excavators, but they have a different attachment. They dig soil backwards. We often use a backhoe to go through the debris and scoop them, then move them to a loader. 
    • Compactors – these are machines used to make the soil tight. When soil is disturbed and put back, there are pockets of air in the soil. These pockets of air cause destabilisation, and can, later on, cause a building or a structure to collapse. 
    • Man-lift – a man-lift is a machine that lifts a human being. You typically see these machines if there is a fire, or if an electrical utility company is fixing wires and poles. In plumbing, we use this if there are areas in the ceiling where there is plumbing. It makes it easier for our plumbers to reach these areas and therefore work faster. 

    These are only a few examples of the tools we use. There is more. All we are saying is that plumbing contractor jobs require more than a wrench. When choosing a Darwin plumbing contractor, choose one that has the same equipment and machinery as us.

    4. Ask for a guarantee

    The last and most important thing of all is a guarantee of work. What will happen if the job was botched? What if the pipe and water system is not working? 

    This is like a warranty—something that we at Australian Construction take seriously. As a construction company, we guarantee that by the time we turn over the project, the entire plumbing system is working. Should there be problems, you can give us a call and we will discuss how to best go around repairing it. 

    Apart from plumbing, we also do a lot of things. We offer excavation service, painting, electrical stuff, and so much more. As you can see, we understand all the facets of construction, and this is what allows us to give guarantees, especially so if you are getting all our services. 

    The beauty in our company is that we work to high standards and we have employees who are multi-skilled. This way, they cannot offer a  higher level of expertise to every job. They know how to dig, analyse the soil, paint the pipe, prepare the substrate, and so much more. 

    Summary: Darwin Plumbing Contractor

    Hiring a Darwin plumbing contractor should be taken seriously. You have to take your time, and you also need to do your due diligence before hiring one.

    You cannot afford to hire the wrong company. Otherwise, you will end up with a sub-par plumbing job—one that will cost you a lot of money in repairs later on. 

    Give us a call at Australian Construction, and we will work with you. We will discuss your project, review your blueprint, and we will get the job done. Our price quote is transparent, and we will include all the aspects of what you are paying for, including liabilities.