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Geelong Plumbing Contractor

Geelong Plumbing Contractor

    A plumbing contractor in Geelong must have adequate tools to get the job done. And when we say tools, we do not just mean pliers—we are referring to big machinery.

    At Australian Construction, we are involved in big projects in the construction industry. We do plumbing services for high-rise buildings, irrigation systems, water systems, and even dams and even large-scale government projects.

    Today, we will show you the tools that we commonly use. In the end, you should ask a contractor if he has these machines. If he does, it is an indication that you are dealing with one who is capable of getting the job done.  


    An excavator is a giant machine whose main purpose is to dig. We need this to dig debris or remove tree stumps in the project area. It is also not uncommon to use excavators for demolition projects.

    An excavator is a lot better and more efficient than manual digging. Just imagine the time it will take if you dig manually for a dam or irrigation project. It will take you forever to complete that. With an excavator, we can perform the job at a fast pace.

    We use several kinds of excavators. Some operate via cable, and some have hydraulic systems. There are also different sizes—whatever it is that you need for the plumbing project, we have it.

    Backhoe Loaders

    This big machine looks like an excavator, but it is one that we use for tight spaces. It is a digging machine that has a backward instead of a forward motion. It has an attachment that the operator uses to pull back soil and debris. 

    For plumbing jobs in Geelong, we use the backhoe loader to transport dirt and debris that we took off from the construction site. The backhoe scoops them up quickly, making the site available for the construction to begin. 


    After laying the pipe, we will again use the excavator or the backhoe to fill it up with soil. This is a process that we call backfilling. 

    The problem with backfilling is that the soil is not compact. It has air pockets, and this means that the area is unstable for construction. To make sure that it is tight, we have to use a compactor where we push the soil down and remove air pockets. 

    We have many kinds of compactors, and we use them to make an area secure for construction. Once the compacting process is completed, the engineers can now begin their work. 

    Air Compressors

    Another machine that we typically use is an air compressor. We use this machine to put pressure on our plumbing devices. Their main purpose is to push foreign objects out of pipes, making sure they are clean on the inside.

    One major problem in plumbing is the accumulation of dirt. With air compressors, we can push the dirt out and free up space inside. This prevents clogs from happening in the future as we guarantee that we will push all the debris out of them.  

    Summary: Plumbing Contractor in Geelong

    These machines that we mentioned here are not everything there is. There are hundreds of tools and machines out there, and it is not practical to list them all down here. If you need a plumbing contractor in Geelong for big projects, the group must have these.

    If you have a question, give us a call and we will help you out. We can also provide you with a price quote for your project if you need us to. Use our contact form and give us the details of your project—we will respond to you shortly.