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Newcastle Plumbing Contractor 101

    Choosing a Newcastle plumbing contractor is important to ensure that your new construction has complete functionalities. Without this, you can’t have access to your local water system, and thus the inefficiency of important facilities like sinks, toilets, showers, and even the smallest of faucets.

    This, however, is not as simple as plainly repairing leakages. Plumbing requires a team of experienced contractors in order to complete it.

    Fortunately for you, we at Australian Construction are offering our skills to help you with your project. Today, we will also discuss what plumbing is, along with how it should be done.

    What is plumbing?

    First, let us discuss what the process of plumbing is.

    Plumbing involves the installation of certain pipes and equipment units to allow distribution of drinkable water, and extinguishment of collected waste. This is needed in all types of infrastructures, whether it is a small home or a large building, as these will be connected in some way.

    The process affects a lot of types of equipment, most specifically those who are commonly used in everyday activities. Some examples are washing machines, dishwashers, and fountains, to say the least.

    To further emphasise the importance of plumbing, below are some specific reasons to see it on a clearer light:

    1. Provides Water Supply

    The most evident advantage of undergoing plumbing is the ability to allow water to come in and out of your construction. This gives your construction the chance to access clean and ready-to-use water without having to worry about possible situations of shortage.

    2. Sanitary Requirement

    Plumbing is not a want. It is a necessity. This is required to ensure quality sanitation within your infrastructure. As the process equates to portable water, it also means that there will be fewer risks of health hazards regarding water contamination. 

    These health hazards refer to infections and diseases like diarrhoea, typhoid fever, polio, and in the worst cases, death.

    3. Source of Livelihood

    Some may be unaware, but the plumbing industry has given countless opportunities for people to major in the process, and create a livelihood out of it. This is a source of jobs for a lot of places, most especially those which have a high demand for plumbing services.

    The process at hand is often overlooked because commonly when you avail for construction services, this is automatically included in the offer. The problem with that, however, is that most services pay little attention to plumbing as they are in a different forte.

    Taking this into account, it is best that you should hire separate plumbing contractors in order to assure the consistency of its quality.

    How is plumbing done?

    Now that you already have an idea about what plumbing is. Let us now go on to the necessary sub-processes in order to complete it. See below:

    1. Planning

    The first thing that the contractors need to do is to plan out the process. This involves determining the needs of the construction, its flaws, and the additional measures that it may require. This is important as this will serve as the blueprint of the whole plumbing process.

    Planning can be done through interviews and observations. Site visits, however, are required to ensure the accuracy of information.

    2. Site Preparation

    Next up, we have to prepare the site. This means cleaning the surfaces, drawing out the measurements, preparing the needed resources and materials, and the likes. Preparing the site beforehand is important to make it ready for upcoming installations.

    This is done according to plan and is also the key to ensuring that the details of the blueprint match the requirements of the plumbing project.

    3. Line and Pipe Installation

    The placement of lines needs the most attention in the process. This needs to be well-thought-out and planned as any mistake that may be committed in this stage can gravely affect the quality of the whole process.

    These lines include those necessary for drains, vents, and the pipes. These will also serve as the guide for the actual installation of pipes, which is an activity that is also included in this stage.

    4. Attachment of Fixtures

    Once the pipes are all set out, and it’s right of way is already established, it is now time to attach all the fixtures. If we are working on large constructions, then this will probably require different sets of fixtures depending on the rooms needed.

    For example, if the subject of the project is a bathroom, then the fixtures may include bathtubs, sinks, showers, etc. The most common, however, are sinks. Note that the larger construction, the more fixtures will be needed.

    5. Insertion of Wet Walls and Tiles

    The process does not end with the fixtures. Its surrounding walls should be waterproofed to avoid constant problems within the construction. The way to do this is through the placing of wet walls and tiles. Regular wallpaper can’t be used as an alternative because it will surely rip out in cases of leakage.

    Tiles, on the other hand, will only be done if it is required by the client. This will, however, be suggested for a more efficient flooring type.

    5. Output Review

    The final sub-process that will be done involves the analysis of the final output. The project will be thoroughly observed for possible mistakes. The placement of pipes will also be checked once again to test if the water is in the right flow.

    Our team at Newcastle Plumbing Contractor assures that all of the processes above will be applied to your project. Our contractors have great experience in the field and thus, we guarantee that we will give the highest quality of service possible.

    Summary: Newcastle Plumbing Contractor

    The process of plumbing is required for everyone. Although everyone is aware of this, not everyone pays attention to the quality that they receive. Australian Construction assures that you can get access to the cleanest water by offering right pipe installations, along with its protective measures.

    For more inquiries, you can contact us by sending us a text message or calling us. We will be happy to walk you through on all the things that you need to know. You can also ask us to conduct initial site visits if you want us to take a look at your project first.