Our Handy Plumbing Contractor In Perth Can Handle All Industrial Needs


Perth Plumbing Contractor: What Is It That We Do? 

    Today, we will tell you what exactly we do as Perth plumbing contractor experts. In the end, you should have a clear idea of whether you need our specialty services or if you only need a plumber.

    We at Australian Construction have been in the plumbing contractor business for over 20 years. The thing is that many people do not seem to fully understand the difference between a plumber and a plumbing contractor.

    1. Reading Blueprints and Other Specifications

    The first thing we do as a Perth plumbing contractor is to read the blueprint. It is the blueprint of the construction site that tells us the layout of where the pipes must go. This includes the placement of sewage systems, septic tanks, pipes for water consumption, faucets, toilets, and many other things.

    As a contractor, we ensure that the placement of all these things is done in such a manner where everything is organised. The placement is not based on guesswork, but rather on engineering techniques that will prevent plumbing problems later on.

    We can also make recommendations if you do not have a blueprint for pipes yet. Our engineers have worked on dozens of projects in the past, and they know the best places to install pipes for easy access later on.  

    2. Preparation and Installation of Pipes

    It is our duty to prepare the pipes, which includes bending and cutting them to size. Although it is also a plumber’s job, a contractor is what you need if the plumbing is supposed to be for ongoing construction.

    As far as installation is concerned, we will also take care of it. If you already have a connection from the water system of your area, it is our responsibility to connect the pipes to it so you can access the water supply.

    Also, a contractor must tell you what kinds of pipes will be used. Not all pipes are the same. On top of that, there are pipe sizes made for specific purposes. Tubes can also be made of plastic or metal. Your contractor must tell you the pros and cons of using each.

    3. Distribution and Disposal

    For a Perth plumbing contractor like us, we are also knowledgeable about the different methods in making sure you get fair water distribution. For example, we ensure that if you build a high-rise facility, that you will get even water pressure across all floors of the building.

    Water pressure is also our speciality. We install tanks in the right places, along with the valves you need to make them work. The proper selection of the tank and the fittings will contribute a great deal to your water supply and the consistency of the pressure.

    As far as disposal of waste is concerned, we do not dispose of the waste, but we install the necessary elements to make waste disposal in compliance with legal expectations. For example, toilets and sinks need pipes that lead to the septic tanks. The pipes used must be of high-quality so as not to have leaks. Leaks like these can be the source of contamination.

    What to look for from a Perth Plumbing Contractor

    There is a big difference between a plumber and a contractor. A contractor must have a license. Plumbers learn by experience, and they mostly only do basic plumbing repairs and services.

    So, what should you look for from a plumbing contractor apart from the license?

    • Experience – the first thing you have to look for is experience. If the plumbing contractor has not completed several projects, it means they were not yet exposed to many situations. We at Australian Construction have completed many projects over the last 20 years. This has allowed us to see the worst possible problems and conditions and prepare for these things as well as fix them.
    • Reputation – the second thing you have to look for is reputation. How many clients has the contractor serviced? We at Australian Construction have dozens already, and we can guarantee you that they are all happy.

    Reputation precedes a company’s capabilities. A company may promise one thing and yet deliver sub-standard work. You could ask around and you will find out that we are the premier choice for plumbing jobs.

    • Capability – we are not just plumbing contractors. We do a lot of construction-related tasks. For example, we do excavation and earthworks, too. This makes us suitable as your partner in building your structure. If you have a government project like an irrigation system, we can do the trenching and the plumbing.

    These three are the most important if choosing a plumbing contractor. We at Australian Construction have worked hard over the years to build our reputation.

    This has allowed us to make a name for ourselves, and then serve other cities. Now, we do not only do plumbing in Perth but also in other cities such as Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, and many others.

    Lastly, we have everything that it takes to provide superior plumbing services. We have licensed engineers, and our company is also licensed by the government. Our expertise is backed by 20 years of experience and dozens of construction projects.

    We specialise not just in residential plumbing, but any kind of large-scale and industrial projects. We have done malls, waterworks, trenches, sewage systems, and so much more. If what you need is a Perth plumbing contractor, we are your premier choice in Australia.

    Summary: Perth Plumbing Contractor

    We at Australian Construction are experts in plumbing. We have engineers who understand floor layouts, and we specialise in large-scale projects. We have worked with government and large industrial facilities, and our service has made it possible for these establishments to have clean and potable water.

    Give us a call on 1800 155 881 and let us talk about your project. Our engineers will work with you and even visit your site. If you already have a blueprint, we can take a look at that together so we can give you a fair price quote. From there, we can discuss the time-lines of the project completion, the liabilities, and the scope of work.