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Ballarat Rendering Contractor

Ballarat Rendering Contractor

    Australian Construction specialises in rendering services. Therefore we offer you the best and top quality rendering services. Furthermore, our rendering contractor in Ballarat is highly experienced and has the expertise. So you can rely on us to deliver to your requirements. 

    Do you want to enhance the appearance of your property? In that case, do not look any further. We are professionals in providing a whole range of rendering services. In other words, we raise the appeal and value of your home. We are specialists in various kinds of rendering. Moreover, we have world-class services. Due to this, we have built a reputation for brilliance.

    Acrylic & cement rendering

    Superior cement rendering

    The rendering contractor in Ballarat is highly competent and professional. Because of this, we provide all kinds of rendering. Therefore if want expert rendering we can deliver. Our team is experienced. Hence they give you the perfect finish. Cement rendering involves applying a thin premixed surface of lime, cement and sand to stone, cement and brick. We provide unrivalled rendering services.

    We ensure the wall is clean and devoid of grime and dust before we begin.  First, we apply aluminium angle beads to each corner. Second, we use a final 10mm cement and sand coat and finish the process. For more information talk to our highly skilled render tradesmen.

    Cement rendering

    Australian Construction undertakes all types of solid plastering. For example, we provide acrylic and cement rendering. We pay attention to detail and provide top quality cement rendering to homes in Ballarat. As a result, your home looks lovelier!

    Solid plastering

    Australian Construction is known for delivering high standard services. We ensure we work efficiently to meet your needs. Our rendering services are top quality. Hence we give your property the perfect makeover. We specialise in:

    • Mouldings
    • Roughcasting
    • Cladding installation
    • Concrete panel finish
    • Solid plastering
    • House rendering 

    Do you want reliable rendering services in Ballarat? In that case, you are at the right place! We provide rendering solutions to help homeowners in Ballarat to improve their homes. Moreover, our vast experience enables us to handle any situation. The rendering contractor in Ballarat is committed to excellence.

    Furthermore, our priority is customer satisfaction. For this reason, we can help you in restoring your property‘s lost glory. We design our services to offer the ideal solution for your requirements. At all times we come to your premises on time. In addition, we finish our work quickly. Our experienced and efficient team of labourers and tradesmen help with all your needs.

    Enhancing your home appearance

    Do you wish to transform your home appearance? In that case, you can rely on Australian Construction. We offer stylish and detailed house rendering services to Ballarat properties. As a result, we give these homes a new life. Our team is committed to ensuring your property gives you the best. Given this, we provide cement rendering and polished concrete render throughout Ballarat and the surroundings.

    The rendering contractor in Ballarat is highly knowledgeable about architectural finishes. In this regard, our wall renderings are an example of our ideal services! Our team fully organises and applies spotless external rendering. We also provide durable acrylic rendering in Ballarat. So if you want lovely rendered walls, call us now. 


    At Australian Construction, we are proud of our services. We always provide clean lines, perfect walls and honest quotes. Our professionals are also trustworthy. Moreover we offer affordable services, and our team remains updated with the newest developments and inventions within our sector. So you can expect perfectly rendered walls and superior services!

    Call us today for the best rendering services in Ballarat and enjoy your property’s new, improved look!