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Bundaberg Rendering Contractor

Bundaberg Rendering Contractor

    Do you want affordable, professional rendering services? In that case, Australian Construction can provide your dream home! Moreover, our rendering contractor in Bundaberg revitalises your business property. As a result, your house or property looks different. We are a leading rendering company in Bundaberg. 

    Our team has years of experience in cement and acrylic and traditional rendering solutions. We are a top name in the house rendering industry. Our team has successfully delivered different projects. For example, we have undertaken minor projects like letterboxes. We have also worked on multi-unit development works.

    These services include solid plaster, texture coating, polished concrete finishing, etc. We aim to offer quality rendering services. Because of this, we provide highly creative and attractive textural solutions. Our services are available to commercial and residential properties. Furthermore, we handle shop fit-outs.

    Acrylic Rendering

    For this process, we include acrylic as the foundation. Consequently, we create a flexible mixture. In addition, it is resistant to cracking. The rendering contractor in Bundaberg offers acrylic rendering to business or house owners

    Therefore we ensure we give your property an impressive appearance. Our team has the essential expertise. Hence they work hard to ensure they give you a remarkable and striking finish. Acrylic rendering adapts easily to various colours. Additionally, its coating has pigment featuring natural earth colours. Because of this, it retains colour for a long time. More importantly, it complements your house décor. 

    Benefits of acrylic rendering

    Acrylic rendering is very versatile. Because of this, it has no restrictions and we use it in various places. Moreover, we use it on surfaces where we have applied cement rendering. Australian Construction applies render to:

    • Walls
    • Polystyrene
    • Fibre cement sheeting
    • Ceilings
    • Balustrades 
    • House lobbies
    • Aerated concrete
    • Infill panels 

    We apply acrylic rendering in cement blocks and plaster as well as bricks. Additionally, we apply it on blue boards and surfaces we have already rendered.

    Hebel rendering

    Do you want a surface that gives you an ideal exterior? In that case, try the Australian Construction Hebel rendering services. We offer different textures, finishes and textures. As a result, we give you a spectacular exterior. The rendering contractor in Bundaberg gives you the correct options to protect your investment. Australian Construction uses Hebel on acrylic coating. Consequently, cracks do not form and neither does delamination. Moreover, this process ensures you have a quality and durable finish.

    We are highly experienced. Due to this, we avoid flaws in our work. Our team of experts is not only certified but also well versed. Given this, they ensure that they install all the Hebel panels correctly to suit your needs. In addition, we finish your project on time and within budget.

    Quality Hebel services

    The procedure of Hebel rendering can be challenging. For this reason, skilled experts like Australian Construction should undertake this task. Over the years the rendering contractor in Bundaberg has endeavoured to keep up with the market. 

    Moreover, we have remained top of the competition! We provide quality assurance, affordable and durable cladding. Also, we offer the ideal coating to enhance your structure’s look. Our product is superior hence has significant benefits. For instance, our Hebel has terrific acoustic performance and thermal quality. More importantly, it is environmentally friendly. Our workmanship is unmatched. As a result, we surpass your expectations.


    Australian Construction specialises in commercial and residential rendering. Our experience spans many years. So you are assured we deliver superior work. We change your property’s exterior. Given this, we offer you any style you want. Additionally, we transform your home’s appearance and our team specialises in rendering makeovers. Given this, we make your home attractive. We expertly render over foam, fibro, block or brick.

    We look forward to discussing your next rendering project in Bundaberg!