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Cairns Rendering Contractor

Cairns Rendering Contractor

    Australian Construction has vast experience in the rendering industry. Because of this, we have a great understanding of the rendering procedure. Our expert rendering contractor in Cairns inspects your property thoroughly. Depending on our findings, we give you a free quote. As a result, we let you know of all the expenses involved in the procedure.

    Our company is Australian owned and operated. Therefore you do not have to be concerned about the quality of services we provide! Furthermore, we are fully insured and licensed. So we deliver to all your requirements. Additionally, we give you details about our insurance and licenses when you request.

    Residential rendering

    The rendering contractor in Cairns proudly provides a full range of rendering and painting services. Given this, we serve all sized households in Cairns and the surroundings. Additionally, we offer solutions to real estate agents and property owners. We also work with corporate bodies. Our team renders external and internal structures and walls. 

    We guarantee quality work and attention to detail each time. So what makes our residential rendering so famous in Cairns? In short, it describes the fastest and most affordable way of modernising your property. We apply it over an existing brick facade or block. The good news is that Australian Construction provides it in various finishes and colours! As a result, we give you impressive outcomes. Hence your property looks attractive, and its value increases.

    Our options include a traditional finish or layered stone. Regardless these solutions offer a high-end look. Because of this, Australian Construction has provided this solution to numerous clients. Furthermore, our 3-coat membrane method gives you a lovely presentation. More importantly, it is sturdy and durable. As a result, it withstands the hot and, at times, extremely wet weather in Cairns.

    Commercial rendering

    The rendering contractor in Cairns is experienced in primary commercial rendering services. In other words, we have worked on police stations, training facilities and schools. We use expert, commercial rendering products.  Our expert team applies and finishes to provide top performance in harsh tropical conditions. The Australian Construction team consists of qualified and experienced painters. Moreover, we have apprentices and professionals.

    We work directly with commercial property owners. In addition, we work with builders, developers and strata managers. The rendering contractor in Cairns has established all the suitable Advanced Safety Systems. Additionally, we have public liability and commercial insurance. Our team is dedicated to excellence. Hence we look forward to undertaking your commercial rendering project and services.

    Rendering services

    Your home’s appearance and beauty significantly impact its curb appeal and general value. Most homeowners hate seeing their home look untidy and messy from the outside. Because of this, they ensure their exteriors have polished designs and finishes. Under these circumstances, Australian Construction can help. We guarantee your home exteriors acquire a lovely look. Additionally, we make sure that the finish efficiently protects the concrete and brick blocks below.

    Kinds of rendering services

    Many people think that rendering is only carried out using cement. But, this is not true. We can carry out various types of rendering. It depends on your needs and preference. Our rendering contractor in Cairns explains the advantages and disadvantages of every material. Because of this, you can decide accordingly.

    Cement rendering

    Cement and sand render is a famous rendering method, and we have used it for years. First, our team mixes sand and cement. They then apply an even coat of this product on the walls carefully. Consequently, we deliver the ideal outcomes.


    All the work that Australian Construction provides is guaranteed. After all, we appreciate that wall rendering is a significant investment. For this reason, we ensure the finish we provide does not become damaged immediately after application. In addition, our team communicates efficiently with our clients. Therefore you can reach us any time. Because of this, we have established a robust customer service system.

    Please talk to us today for top-quality outcomes from our skilled and experienced team!