The Best Rendering Contractor In Canberra

Canberra Rendering Contractor

Canberra Rendering Contractor

    Do you want an expert, affordable cement rendering firm? In that case, Australian Construction is your answer. We refresh your home by making it lovelier. Our rendering contractor in Canberra can also build your dream home! We are a leader in solid plastering in Canberra. Our team is professional and passionate. Moreover, they regard rendering as an artistic craft and technical skill. Because of this, they derive great satisfaction in meeting the needs of our clients.

    Our company has vast experience and hands-on training. So we skillfully use the latest, top-notch rendering methods. As a result, we highlight your home’s beauty! We are highly committed in our work. Therefore, we have proven ourselves severally. Consequently, we put a satisfied smile on all our clients’ faces!

    Cement rendering

    We apply a premixed layer of sand, lime and clay to rough surfaces and external walls during our cement rendering procedure. These surfaces include brick, stone and concrete blocks. Moreover, our rendering contractor in Canberra uses it on interior walls. We aim to attain a fine or coarse finish. The finish may also be textured or smooth on an uneven surface. Do you want a smoother and attractive finish for your home or fence?

    In that case, we render using cement. As a result, you avoid the rough look of an unrendered surface. In addition, we provide cement rendering in different textures and colours. Because of this, you can form an elegant look for your walls or fence.  The outcome of this complements your home appearance or changes it.

    Australian Construction cement renders the exterior of your home. Consecutively this protects it against severe weather conditions. Cement rendering is unique. It not only enhances your property’s look but also increases its value. Furthermore, it gives it durable protection against harsh elements. More importantly, it is very cost-effective. Perhaps you need exterior cement rendering. Or maybe you want interior rendering. Under these circumstances we have can deliver superior quality services!

    Acrylic rendering

    Acrylic rendering has similar components as that of cement. However, one difference is that we add acrylic, a type of plastic, to the mixture. We use acrylic render for numerous internal and external applications. For example, we use it as an existing render, and on painted walls and ceilings. 

    Additionally, we use acrylic rendering in balustrades, polystyrene, brick and cement. We use it in concrete blocks as well. The same as cement render, we complete acrylic rendering in different finishes and colours. Hence you are assured of getting an ideal blend for your home interior or exterior.

    Comparatively, acrylic rendering is more flexible than cement rendering. Because of this, some homeowners opt for it because acrylic rendering has higher crack resistance. Moreover, even when walls move, the acrylic render maintains its durability. Even more remarkable, it has high resistance to water and UV rays.

    As a result, it is long-lasting. Additionally, it is wonderful for applying timber and fibre cement where cement doesn’t stick. Do you wish your home to have top quality acrylic rendering? If so, it is important to work with a rendering company like Australian Construction. After all, we are highly qualified and offer the best prices in the market.

    More to this, we give you expert guidelines on the newest trends. Our rendering contractor in Canberra also advises you about the ideal colour and finish for your acrylic rendering. Additionally, our expert team helps in painting your project. So Australian Construction is your one-stop solution for your residential rendering!


    Australian Construction has a great reputation in the sector. We are among the best rendering companies. In light of this, we give our clients top levels of service, efficiency and quality. Also, we give you expertise and suggestions in all elements of different rendering. For example, we give you information about our cement, acrylic and brick rendering solutions. 

    You can rely on us to give your home an exclusive finish using our superior materials so call us today!