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Central Coast Rendering Contractor

Central Coast Rendering Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we provide rendered acrylic or cement finish. We undertake commercial and residential projects. Moreover, our rendering contractor on the Central Coast provides various finishes. Given this, we have suitable finishes for the exterior and interior. We use the newest acrylic and cement rendering techniques. As a result, we form textured coatings for newly built constructions and existing properties.

    Moreover, we offer solid plastering work and various textured coatings. Our skilled team coats your entire property. Alternatively, they repair cracked areas. In other words, our rendering services provide a fast solution to enhance your property’s appearance. More importantly, it increases the value of your property.

    Cement rendering

    The rendering contractor on the Central Coast provides cement rendering. It transforms your regular fibro or brick home into a fashionable contemporary home. Mainly we apply cement rendering to surfaces like concrete and bricks. Moreover, we apply this rendering to pools, blue board, foam and cement. 

    Preparation is important. It involves removing grime and dirt from the surface before application. We have vast experience. Because of this, we are among the best expert cement rendering services on the Central Coast. In addition, we provide various quality services for commercial and residential properties. 

    We use water to wash, or fungicidal wash in case mould is present. To achieve a smooth and quality finish, we rub the final coat using a trowel and float. Finally, we apply cement rendering to your home interior or exterior. Additionally, we apply it to your home surface.

    Our priority is to deliver superior quality services. Moreover, we handle all sized projects. The rendering contractor on the Central Coast considers the particular functional needs of our clients. In addition, we consider their aesthetic preferences.

    Therefore we provide solutions that ensure complete customer satisfaction. Not only do we have vast experience, but we also use the newest technology and tools. In addition, Australian Construction has fully trained cement rendering professionals. Given this, we ensure we make your property more elegant and valuable. Therefore working with us assures you that reliable experts are handling your needs!

    Residential rendering

    Australian Construction offers various services and products that suit the various clients. We aim to provide top-quality finishes. Therefore our finishes reflect superior artistry and great attention to detail. Not only are our services superior but also affordable. 

    In other words, our team has the knowledge and expertise to give you an ideal finish. Moreover, they are perfectionists hence result-oriented. So they work hard to ensure your home’s interior or exterior is unique. For this reason, we use the best rendering techniques. In addition, we use the appropriate tools.

    Consequently, we attain the desired finish. So if you want a firm that provides expert house rendering services talk to us now. We apply the wall renders carefully. In this regard, we lay the strategies to complete the job on time and efficiently. Therefore if you want the best rendering service, we will deliver.

    Acrylic rendering

    Do you want to make your property more stylish? In that case, acrylic rendering is the solution. This kind of rendering is weather-resistant and cement-based.  For this reason, experienced renderers like us always recommend it. So for expert acrylic rendering, you can count on our rendering contractor on the Central Coast. We have professional renderers. Moreover, we use established processes while applying the rendering. 


    Australian Construction is a leading name in rendering solutions on the Central Coast. The reason is that we rank top in terms of expertise and quality. We are not only quick and efficient but also reliable. Because of this, we offer the ideal outcomes. As a result, our clients are delighted! 

    Talk to us today for the best rendering services on the Central Coast!