Proficient Rendering Contractor In Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour Rendering Contractor

Coffs Harbour Rendering Contractor

    Do you wish to prolong your commercial building’s lifespan? Or do you want to reduce your maintenance costs? In that case, Australian Construction paints your structure regularly. It is a vital part of office and commercial building management. Moreover, our rendering contractor in Coffs Harbour provides rendering and plastering services. As a result, we restore and rejuvenate your business’ exterior or interior look.

    We use high-quality rendering products. As a result, it protects against staining and render cracking. Moreover, it provides an expert finish for each rendering job. Our expert team handles small commercial jobs. In addition, we undertake major projects. Notwithstanding, we can deliver any of your commercial requirements.

    Moreover, residents in Coffs Harbour trust our rendering services.  We provide unique outcomes each time. Hence we ensure customer satisfaction. Additionally, our pricing is competitive. Our range of services includes acrylic rendering, cement rendering, and more. Whatever your needs, our team can help.

    Our quality services

    We offer services to commercial buildings & shopping centres. Our team is experienced in working at heights. Additionally, they are adept at handling abseiling and elevated work platforms. The rendering contractor in Coffs Harbour provides remedial services. We also offer ongoing painting maintenance. Our services include major and minor painting as well as rendering repairs.

    Polystyrene rendering solutions

    For polystyrene rendering, we use polymer rendering as their mix. This product is modern, and the cement-based render mix consists of silicone water repellents. Including silicone in the mixture makes it highly resistant to water entry. Additionally, it enables internal moisture to enter via the render layer. As a result, it allows the wall to breathe.

    Australian Construction provides polymer render as monocouche render. For this reason, a base coat is unnecessary. Moreover, it gives the finish coats a strong base. Usually, we use this render on breeze blocks or lightweight blocks. We provide polymer renders in various colours. Also, we can finish it in multiple textures.  

    In addition, this render is pre-blended. Because of this, it is consistent. Hence it facilitates a superior finish. Polystyrene rendering is suitable for various surfaces. It includes, among others, modern brick, insulation boards and breeze block.

    Expanded Polystyrene

    EPS (expanded polystyrene) or Styrofoam presents a polymer render. We use a foaming agent to infuse it. Because of this, it has remarkable insulating properties. Additionally, it features high resistance to heat flow. Moreover, it resists moisture penetration. Expanded polystyrene is simple to handle and install.  They are also light in weight, durable and rot and flood-proof. Because of this, it remains valid for the life of the structure. It is environmentally friendly. Hence this render is an appealing choice for polystyrene rendering.

    Quality polystyrene rendering

    The rendering contractor in Coffs Harbour provides expert polystyrene rendering services. More importantly, our prices are attractive! Using the appropriate render is essential. It improves, strengthens or insulates a specific building. However, using inappropriate render for a specific wall type may cause the render to fail.

    Additionally, it can lead to crack and damp issues. Worse still, it can trigger health issues. Because of this, it is crucial to pick suitable professionals like Australian Construction to render your structure. We have skilled renderers. Hence they provide top quality polystyrene rendering services. More to this, they advise you on the best type of render for your building.


    Australian Construction strives to offer services that surpass our clients’ expectations. Do you have any queries about our services or products? If so, kindly call us. Our representatives are friendly and knowledgeable. Moreover, they are available every day of the week to help you.

    We look forward to hearing from you today about your next rendering project in Coffs Harbour!